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The Tecnam P2006T was introduced in 2007 as a four-seat light twin-engined aircraft. The P2006T is known for its forgiving handling and as such has been adapted for use in pilot training programs around the world. Unique to the P2006T is its ability to run on both 100LL (avgas) and normal automobile gasoline, which it sips at only 9 gallons per hour! And now the team at Vskylabs have introduced this fantastic light twin to the world of X-plane 11 in both analog and G1000 avionics packages.

According to the sale page at the X-Plane.org store, the features include:

Flight Dynamics:
  • Designed to be flown using X-Plane 11.30+ experimental flight model
  • Exhaust emission¬† position fixed for both engines.
  • Engine cooling and radiator remodeled.
  • Engine operational limits (CHT, Oil temp) tuned.
  • All airfoils updated to the latest X-Plane 11.30+ versions.
  • Ground handling tuned.
  • Drag characteristics tuned.
  • Trim settings and speed tuned.
  • Aircraft handling characteristics tuned to allow better high AOA handling with/without flaps.
  • Flight performance, handling characteristics and flight envelope deep overhaul:
    • Stall speeds (0-60 bank degrees/flaps 0/TO/full).
    • Vmca (critical engine).
    • Takeoff performance – ground roll (low/gross weight SL and high elevated runways SL-5000 feet AGL).
    • Takeoff rate of climb at Vy (gears up/flaps takeoff).
    • Takeoff rate of climb at Vx (gears up/flaps takeoff).
    • Enroute rate of climb at Vy (gears up/flaps up).
    • Enroute rate of climb at Vx (gears up/flaps up).
    • Single-engine rate of climb at Vyse (prop feathered).
    • Single-engine rate of climb at Vxse (prop feathered).
    • Cruise performance (SL/3000ft/6000ft/9000ft/12000ft).
    • Landing performance (ground roll (low/gross weight SL and high elevated runways SL-5000 feet AGL).
    • Balked landing climb gradient.
    • Fuel consumption – all flight levels, all power settings (various MP and prop RPM based on Tecnam official data which is existing in the Tecnam P2006T aircraft POH).


  • Autopilot Master switch algorithm redesigned.
    • AP Master switch is now the actual master switch for the autopilot system, and it is on top of the autopilot panel switches.
  • Electrical system redesign:
    • Avionics bus refinements.
    • Left+Right buses systems separation.
    • Functional buses cross-tie algorithm added.
    • Alternators/Generators Amperage limits tuned.
  • Lighting system:
    • Cockpit lighted switches added (white for the Analog variant, Black for the G1000 variant).
    • RH instruments light switch is now functional is it should be, electrical powered, and will switch the light ON/OFF.
  • Pre-flight switches state was added and set:
    • Fuel tanks selectors in ‘cold-and-dark’ and in ‘engines-running modes’.
    • LH/RH Ignition switches.
    • Autopilot default state (OFF).
    • External lighting.
  • AviTab is now not visible by default. Use Custom Slider No.1 to toggle the AviTab appearance in the cockpit.
  • Cockpit switches interaction for VR remodeled.
  • Hide-yoke touch-zone remodeled (larger, and on both sides).
Additional features:
  • STMA AutoUpdater plugin was added.
  • Engine damage in excessive working temperatures algorithm was added.
  • Landing gears (tires) blow-up algorithm was added, including visualization.

The P2006T for X-Plane 11 is available now for us$28.50 here.