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Cross the Pond information has been released! Now if you don’t know what it is, your missing out on A LOT of fun! Watch the video below of all the traffic and ATC services. Everything is staffed! It’s VATSIM’s biggest event and happens twice a year – East Bound and West Bound. This time round it’s East Bound! Watch the video!

The airport’s for Cross the Pond are as follow:


Those are the airfields that have been chosen for CTP (Cross the Pond) 2015. All Airports in North America are departure airports, and all European airports are arrival airports. Please note for this you’ll need to know some basic information such as Oceanic reporting and NAT Tracks (North Atlantic Tracks) and what not.  Bookings open Wednesday 14th October at 22:00Zulu time. Book your slot (departure time) and connect at least 30 minutes before hand. You will be emailed all the information including your assigned NAT track.  A video below help’s you with Cross the Pond:


Bookings will open this Wednesday (14th) at 2200Z.

Slots on the day depart from 1100-1500Z. When you book you will get a departure and arrival airport, a takeoff time and an oceanic level. Routes will be sent out in the morning of CTP day – you can login on the site to view them if you don’t get an email. The takeoff times and levels are subject to change (and many do the night before), however by no more than 15 minutes or 1000ft respectively. The reason for this is that it allows us to better manage the flow at the oceanic boundary once the routes are decided. They will be confirmed when your route is available.

If you do book a slot and can no longer attend, please cancel your booking so that someone else can pick it up. As always, information will be available on the day for those of you that don’t get a slot.