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The Flight Simulation online network VATSIM has announced today that they have opened signups for their new audio system.

This audio system, otherwise known as Audio For Vatsim (AFV) will feature the new clear VHF communication, with minimal latency, realistic VHF range, incorporation of blocking effects and the ability to use voice on any frequency, surprisingly this includes Unicom (122.8).

If you would like to sign up to be a beta tester for VATSIM click here. They have stated these beta testers will be selected at random. All applicants will receive a confirmation email, if accepted, they will receive another email with further information.

No release date as of yet as it’s still in the testing phase, but hopefully following testing it won’t be far away from a release.

This new CODEC has been long awaited, as more and more flight simmers strive for a clearer, smoother experience on VATSIM. Therefore, it’s a highly anticipated update for the network.