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The scenery developers UK2000 have released Humberside Xtreme X-Plane Edition today. This is the next scenery in the line of their X-Plane conversions from P3D.

Humberside Airport is an international airport situated in North Lincolnshire, beginning its life as an RAF base. Nowadays, the airport is owned by Eastern Airways and sees a variety of traffic including charters around Europe as well as the frequent KLM service to Amsterdam. Moreover, the airport serves as an important airfield for general aviation flying around the area.

Features-wise this scenery is fairly standard in comparison to other releases from UK2000. These features include: PBR texturing, fully detailed buildings, Hi res ground imagery and various airport vehicles scattered around the airport. For a full features list please see below.

If you would like to buy this product for X-Plane 11, head to UK2000 Scenery’s website where for £16.99, you can add Humberside to your add-on list. If you’re a P3D then you can purchase the older P3D version here.

Features list:

  • Custom Light fx’s and halo’s.
  • Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI.
  • Ground routes for AI
  • Physical Based Rendering
  • Specular lighting
  • Ground Traffic
  • On top of the pre-conversion features:
  • Full detail Buildings
  • Realistic Ground Markings
  • Hi Res ground image
  • UK Runway markings
  • Stunning Night Effects
  • 3D Approach Lights
  • Dozens of Airport Vehicles
  • Excellent Frame Rates
  • Runway Wigwags
  • Full set of signs
  • Fencing
  • Grass edge effects