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UK2000 Scenery has announced their latest scenery announcement over on their Facebook page, Bournemouth Extreme for X-Plane Edition. They expect the scenery to release on April 13th for £16.99.

Bournemouth airport is located 4 Miles north of the city. Bournemouth flights have decreased from it 2008-2010 peek, but is currently served by Ryanair, Loganair, EasyJet and TUI Airways. A full features list can be seen below.

UK2000 has also updated their roadmap for this year and onwards, with the plan still for Southend to be their next X-Plane scenery, with many others coming after that. Additionally, they still have their “new range of HD airports coming in 2020″ for FSX and P3D sat on the roadmap webpage.



Custom Light fx’s and halo’s.
Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI.
Ground routes for AI
Physical Based Rendering
Specular lighting
Ground Traffic

On top of the pre-conversion features:

Full detail Buildings
Realistic Ground Markings
Hi Res ground image
UK Runway markings
Stunning Night Effects
3D Approach Lights
Dozens of Airport Vehicles
Excellent Frame Rates
Runway Wigwags
Full set of signs
Grass edge effects

If you would like to purchase their P3D version of Bournemouth or found out any more news regarding their sceneries head to the UK2000 Scenery website.