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ENVTEX, an addon that could change the way we sim with just one simple installer. What is ENVTEX? ENVTEX is essentially a texture enhancement addon that will offer high quality immersion for FS9, FSX as well as P3D! The effect are also promised to be frame rate and VAS friendly. You can check out the full description as well as the features below.

While we are still talking about TOGA projects, we are working with them to bring you guys an awesome place filled with TOGA Projects documentation. We want to gather all the information and have it available to you in one continent place. Keep an eye out for exactly that!


ENVTEX includes many customizable features using different presets and resolutions to fit your needs and prevent exceeding the 4gb vas limit.

  • 3 supported simulators : FS9, FSX and P3D

  • Hundreds of natural colored sky textures, all dispatched in several dynamic* seasonal and locations presets

  • Highly realistic sunglow

  • High quality, hd, vas optimized water textures with no mosaic repetition and waves animations

  • Natural weather effects including rain, snow and thunderstorm

  • Realistic generic grass texture

  • High quality, hd, vas optimized clouds including cumulus and cirrus, especially built to be used with Active Sky 2016 and ASCA but compatible with any weather engine

  • New environment map reflections

  • Enhanced fps friendly shaders

  • P3D minor but global vas optimization

*Dynamic sky textures are related to the 10 days cycle of the flight simulator engine, using this built-in feature sky will look different every day.”