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TFDi Design have just released it latest product! It’s the all very popular smartCARS but this time for you’re mobile devices. This may be a good thing and a very awesome handy tool to use while your flying your virtual airline flights. The product overview explains the following – “The mobile app will allow you to view your flight data in real-time, chat with other smartCARS desktop and mobile users, and stay ahead of flight problems from your mobile device. Whether you’re planning a flight with friends, keeping track of your flight from another room, or making sure nothing unexpected happens while multitasking on your flying computer, smartCARS Mobile and smartCARS Premium have you covered.” 

The program itself is available for all phone users. iOS, Andriod and Windows phones.

Click here to visit the blog post.

Visit the links below to download the app! Note you must be a premium user to use the app!

iOS App: http://smartcarsfs.com/premium/ios

Android App: http://smartcarsfs.com/premium/android

Windows Phone App: http://smartcarsfs.com/premium/wp