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Aerosoft just released some previews of the Southwest Florida International airport for Xplane – 10 the only 64 bits flight simulator at the moment. This make me happy because of the lack of developers and add-ons that is currently affecting Xplane – 10 community. We can see the airport is well detailed and with a high-quality surroundings and textures.

The scenery features:

* 10 cm/pixel aerial orthoimagery covering the entire airport (approx. 8.41 sq. km)
* 1 cm/pixel custom ground detail/markings
* True-to-life pavement, not repetitive textures
* Never-before-done, hand-placed pavement seams covering the entire airport apron, runway and taxiways
* Baked-in, ray-traced ambient occlusion on all major buildings
* Baked-in, ray-traced night illumination on the airport terminal building
* Specular reflections and all-HDR lighting (no hand-painted lighting)
* Accurate building heights, measured using
* LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) elevation data
* Designed using efficient modelling techniques and X-Plane 10-native methods for maximum performance without compromising on quality
* Animated jet bridges and marshallers at all gates (using the freely available AutoGate plugin by Jonathan Harris)
* Static aircraft as an option
* Animated and static ground vehicles
* Volumetric grass
* Road traffic
* Compatible with HD Mesh Scenery v3 by Andras Fabian