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Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (ICAO: LTFJ , IATA: SAW) is the second international airport serving İstanbul, Turkey. The airport is named after Sabiha Gökçen, the first Turkish female aviator and first female combat pilot. The airport is second largest in Istanbul falling short behind Ataturk. Sabiha Gökçen serves as hubs for Pegasus
Airlines, Turkish Airlines and Borajet.

It is the 3rd busiest airport in Turkey and also ranks 18 in the list of the 100 busiest airports in Europe with 23,6M passengers in 2014. The airport has received many awards including the “Airport of the Year, 2014″. The airport lies on the Asian part of the City, making it an Asian based airport, unlike Ataturk which is based on the European side. SceneryTR have made fantastic freeware scenery in the past for Turkey, and it’s great too see them continue what they do best, better.




The scenery can be bought at simMarket for only EUR 15, which is really cheap considering the quality and effort. You can download it off simMarket at a file size of 516MB and takes 959MB of your FlightSim installation. Activation is needed just like all simMarket installers. You don’t need to deactivate the airport from the FTX Vector Config.


The Manual can easily be accessed by going to your the folder location, which by default is:
FSX/P3D/Addon Scenery/Istanbul Sabiha Gocken X/Docs/Manual.pdf

The manual is pretty detailed and contains most needed information.
– Airport information and introduction
– Installation guide
– Reccomdened settings (with pictures)
– Gate information and layout
– Airport layout
– Features
– Information about Sabiha Gökçen and who she was.


Comparison images from a top down view, show how well the placement is compared to real life. The area only covers the airport with just some fences and minor textures visible on final approach. All buildings and static aircraft are placed correctly. The scenery blends in perfectly with ORBX FTX Global.

The Airport:

The Airport is very well modeled, and you can clearly see this after there years of experience making freeware scenery. SceneryTR have really proven to the FSCommunity who they are, and what they are capable of making.

Although this is there very first payware airport, it is worth every cent. The airport feels nice, the static aircraft and the cargo bay looks fantastic. The grass looks nice with an attempt to add Volumetric grass. Details are high, but the only down side is the default looking jetways, although it makes up for it as they are CTRL + J animated, since they are default.



Night Lighting:

Generally speaking, the night lighting is pretty good. Looks nice, but is not jaw-dropping. I have done a few night flights here, and it looks good. Definitely flyable and pleasurably to make you fly at night again.


List of Features:
• Highly detailed virtual replica of the airport and its surroundings, including regional objects
• Custom photoreal scenery ( 50cm / pixel resolution ), with seasonal variations
• Photorealistic textures on buildings and vehicles
• Custom ground textures and detailed markings
• Custom terrain mesh
• 3D Taxiway signs
• Custom airport vehicles and numerous custom static objects and static aircraft
• Volumetric grass
• Hand placed autogen
• Custom reflection map
• Surrounding landclass, coast lines, islands and region correction
• Marina and industrial zones in the approach and departure directions
• Animated runway guard lights, smoke effects in winter, wet/puddle effects
• Optimized for better frame rates (with intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances)


The airport blends in perfectly with ORBX FTX Global and Vector, and even ORBX landclass comes into action a few miles away from the airport. All addons used while testing worked great. 0 issues found, and performance was just fantastic.


Addons used to test:

REX 4 + Soft Clouds
Active Sky Next
PMDG 737
PMDG 777
Aerosoft Airbus X


The airport is greatly optimized and the performance is just fantastic. The airport has nearly 0 fps impact compared to default. When flying the final approach you FPS is stable and does not drop below 30. Only the ground performance is usually 40 in the cockpit. Did I mention that the approach is just amazing, try it during dusk.



This is SceneryTRs first payware release, and I’m just shocked at what an amazing job these guys did. The airport matches well with ORBX products, it’s very FPS friendly and with lots of short – medium haul destinations, this airport is fantastic.