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SamScene3D has released their latest version of Tokyo City for FSX and P3D. This comes as their 2nd version of the cityscape following the previous version, released sometime ago now. This version comes free to existing owners. Features include over 40,000 japanese style autogen buildings, ‘good frame rates‘, high detail throughout and many more (full list below).

This scenery enhances the Tokyo city and it is compatible to be used with third party Haneda airport scenery addons as well as FTX Orbx Global. Users of Technobrain Haneda Airport 2 and ORBX Vector are informed to read the instruction pdf. upon installation.

SamScene3D Tokyo City Wow V2 is available to purchase via Simmarket, normally for EUR28.00, however currently they have a sale going on, so this product is available for EUR 25.20. Please note before installing you need to have the Tokyo City Wow Base which can be found on the SamScene3D website.

Changelog for v2:

* Added Yokohama city with great details
* Added more than 10,000 autogen buildings
* Replaced with a new design of Sky Tree Tower
* Added more than 30 custom buildings and objects in Tokyo bay area
* Enlarged landclass area and fixed some landclass structure

Original Features:

  1. over 40,000 japanese style autogen building houses
  2. many custom made buildings
  3. spring, summer, autumn and winter
  4. night environment, night in base, also illuminated satellite ground and roads
  5. Tokyo bay bridge replaced realistic one
  6. Tokyo area in high details e.g :JR stations with shopping center: Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Asakusa, Akihabara, Ginza, Ueno, Roppongi, Osaki, etc
  7. landclass textures with three different styles
  8. landmarks added such as temples, JR stations, churchs, hotels, shopping¬†malls, towers, gas stations, factories…
  9. good frame rate
  10. free update in future