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Richard G. Nunes is an X-Plane scenery developer that has made a couple of South American airports.  One of his creations is Rio de Janeiro’s Galeão airport, the main international airport serving the city.  The airport serves as a hub for Gol and TAM Airlines.



Installation is fairly straightforward, and is done like all of X-Plane’s airports.  Just drag the folders from the file you download into your Custom Scenery folder, run your sim, and enjoy.



Rio looks great during the daytime.  The buildings are well-modeled and the texturing in general is fantastic.  Marginal’s GroundTraffic plugin is used to great effect to animate some of the vehicles you’d typically see moving around an airport.  Also used is AutoGate, which allows the jetways to dock to your aircraft.


The taxiway bridges are present too, however I noticed that the “runways follow terrain contours” option needs to be checked, otherwise they just stick way above the ground and are unusable as a result.

Rotate-MD-80_20 Rotate-MD-80_19 Rotate-MD-80_18 Rotate-MD-80_17 Rotate-MD-80_14 Rotate-MD-80_15 Rotate-MD-80_12 Rotate-MD-80_11 Rotate-MD-80_10 Rotate-MD-80_9 Rotate-MD-80_8 Rotate-MD-80_7 Rotate-MD-80_6 Rotate-MD-80_3 Rotate-MD-80_2


While there isn’t a large area modeled around the airport, it’s still as detailed as the airport itself.  There’s also a mesh included for the lat/long tile that the airport lies on, covering a good area of the city.  Also included is the famous Christ the Redeemer statue on a hill overlooking the city.

Rotate-MD-80_21 Rotate-MD-80_16 Rotate-MD-80_13 Rotate-MD-80_4


Nighttime is an area that X-Plane excels at thanks to its HDR lighting.  The airport is also beautifully lit up by HDR lighting as well.  You definitely want to land here at night at least once, as the lighting is one of the strongest aspects of this airport.  Combined with the lights of the city and water reflections, the area is simply breathtaking at night.

Rotate-MD-80_22 Rotate-MD-80_23 Rotate-MD-80_24 Rotate-MD-80_33 Rotate-MD-80_32 Rotate-MD-80_31 Rotate-MD-80_29 Rotate-MD-80_28 Rotate-MD-80_30 Rotate-MD-80_27 Rotate-MD-80_25 Rotate-MD-80_26


The framerates you may see yourself getting may not please you.  Rio won’t bring your machine to a standstill, but it certainly doesn’t leave a small footprint on your framerates.  Sitting in the cockpit at the gate in the Rotate MD-80 saw me getting 20-25 frames per second, compared to the 30-40 range I typically see at most airports.  While it certainly isn’t unflyable, it is an aspect that could be improved.


Rio is currently on sale for $17.50 USD, however I’m not sure how long that’ll last.  At that price, it’s a very good deal.  I’m not sure what the exact price is when it’s not on sale, but I believe it’s about $25.  It’s a good value at that price too, as I believe it’s one of the most detailed airports X-Plane has seen to date.  Whether you want a long-haul destination that’s away from where you normally fly, or a good short-haul airport, Rio is worth picking up.


The airport is extremely well done, and the included surroundings are just as detailed as the airport itself.  While performance struggles a bit, it isn’t horrible, and is perfectly flyable.

My Specs

  • X-Plane 10.41
  • Intel Core i7-4790k
  • EVGA 980 4GB
  • 16GB RAM

Review by Daniel Everman