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Review: Rim&Co - Omaha Eppley Airfield (KOMA) XP11
PBR texturesHas good character SAM Jetways/Seasons + 3D grassAccurate rendition with nice custom vehicles
Lacks extra bit of detailLacks high resolution terminal/Interior modeling
4.5Overall Score
Value for Money
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Omaha Eppley Field is an airport located just three miles east of Omaha, Nebraska (USA). It is the largest airport in Nebraska, serving ten times more than all other Nebraskan airports combined. The airport currently handles approximately 130 daily non-stop flights with seven airlines. Omaha features three terminals, the Central Terminal, Northern Terminal and Southern Terminal.

As well as hosting a variety of passenger flights, Omaha also entertains cargo planes. With the likes of UPS, DHL, FedEx and AmeriFlight all operating regular flights in and out of the airport.

Rimco come as a fairly new developer to the X-Plane community. Previously to Omaha, they released their Pittsburgh scenery which I have had the chance to fly to and I must see it’s a good scenery, it does have its drawbacks however. It will be interesting to see what Omaha has in store for us.

Rimco Omaha may be purchased from the X-Plane Org Store for a very reasonable EUR14.99, as it is currently on-sale.


As with the majority of sceneries these days, Rimco-Omaha may be downloaded directly from the XP Store vendor and simply drag and dropped into the Custom Scenery folder. Omaha does come with a nicely laid out Manual detailing the Features of the airport, Airport information and other necessary information regarding the use of Omaha.

The download size of this scenery is 1.5GB

The Airport

First of all the first thing to note with this scenery is the really effective use of custom vehicles, ground textures and SAM jetways. As seen above, the airport really looks unique. Clustered all of the airport come custom cargo loaders, belt loaders, buses (embroidered specifically with Omaha logos), custom helicopters and private jets, custom placed 3D trees as well as custom orthos to go alongside this. The texturing is pretty good overall, the ground textures are stand out but the texturing of the various airport buildings is very nice. Not too high res to implode on performance but good enough for a high-end user and a low-end user to enjoy the level of detail put into this scenery.

I always look for variation in airports, as it’s simple for developers to cut corners and therefore save time by simply placing objects in rows. To some extent this is done in this scenery, there does feel like there are some repetitive objects placed, but overall I wouldn’t say it is too bad. Another minor drawback is that the SAM jetways are not custom, but it is still nice to have the best jetways on the market, working with this scenery. I would also say that the placement of the SAM safedock’s are a touch to close to the stands, in most cases.

Other areas I would like to see improvement would be in the form of grunge. There is a distinct lack of detail, with only small amounts of engine oil, dirt or miscellaneous objects on the ground, around the airport. Other than that, the ground textures, as previously mentioned, are really nicely done in 4K and with PBR. The modelling of the terminal area and the cargo area is nice. Could be better with extra detail taken into account such as roof details or interior details.

Surrounding area looks very nice, you can tell Rimco have taken particular pride in some surrounding areas with custom modeling and texturing which looks lovely alongside Orthos of your own, in my case VStates by Verticalsim.

Omaha At Night

Omaha really does look good at night. As many times with sceneries in X-Plane, thanks to the fantastic night lighting engine it has, airports with great ground textures and PBR materials really come alive at night. In this case Omaha looks fantastic. You can tell the level of detail Rimco have gone to when individually placing the airport lights, ensuring that all areas of the airport are well-lit.

Overall, no complaints with the night lighting, Omaha performs and looks brilliant during the night. I would highly recommend checking it out.


Performance was absolutely fantastic with Omaha. Though, the airport isn’t far from the center of Omaha it still performed perfectly. Having completed multiple flights to Omaha, I can say it is fantastic on performance, designed to work well with low-end to high-end performing PC’s.


  • Highly detailed rendition of Omaha Eppley Field
  • PBR ground textures and materials
  • SAM Jetways, safe-docks and compatibility with SAM Seasons
  • Custom Orthos
  • A multitude of custom vehicles
  • Very nice night lighting
  • Well-optimised scenery
  • Thousands of hand-placed trees
  • GroundTraffic compatbility
  • Static planes/helicopters


Overall, I would say that Rimco’s Omaha is really nice. It just lacks that extra touch of perfection and 4K buildings to be a top-draw scenery. The custom ground textures look fantastic, the custom vehicles are a really nice touch and the night lighting is brilliant. I would 100% recommend you to pickup Omaha if you fancy flying somewhere nice in the US, it has some great routes particularly with Southwest and Allegiant Air. Yes, there are some areas for improvement, but for the price they are asking for it, it is a must for your sim.

You can purchase Rim&Co’s Omaha from the X-Plane Store now.