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Review: Skyline Simulations KLGB Long Beach for X-Plane 11
High level of airport detailGreat texturesBeautiful night lighting
Standard performance for XplanePrice is a bit high
4.4Overall Score
Surrounding Area
Value for Money
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Review by: Daniel Faas


Long Beach Airport is nestled in the city of Long Beach, California only a few miles north east of downtown Los Angeles. With passenger boardings of around 3.5 million passengers in 2019 Long Beach is no slouch but still manages to only be the 10th busiest airport in California. Owing to its location in a residential area Long Beach is also known for its strict noise ordinances.

Installation, Manuals, and Tools:

I got Skyline Simulations Long Beach from the fine people over at Simmarket. The installation is standard compared to most other Xplane sceneries, you get a download with a zip folder to place in the “custom scenery” folder of your Xplane directory. Nothing too difficult but nothing overly easy here as well.

Who Flies to Long Beach?

Long Beach is a bit of a unique airport when it comes to large, multi-runway airports in metropolis sized cities. Owing to its close proximity to Los Angeles International, Long Beach serves primarily general aviation aircraft. However there are still 6 airlines who fly to 20 different destinations from KLGB

American EaglePhoenix-Sky Harbor
Delta AirlinesSalt Lake City
Delta ConnectionLas Vegas, Salt Lake City
Hawaiian AirlinesHonolulu
Jet Blue Austin, Boston, Las Vegas, New York–JFK, Portland (OR), Reno/Tahoe, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Seattle/Tacoma
Seasonal: Bozeman
Southwest AirlinesDenver, Las Vegas, Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose (CA)

The Airport:

Skyline have done their homework with this airport. All of the little details that a lot of us sim-pilots are looking for is present in this scenery. Those who are familiar with commercial aviation know that there are a handful of companies such as Boeing (formerly McDonnel Douglas) and Gulfstream who have facilities at KLGB and if you do some poking around you will definitely find those hangars.

The modeling throughout the airport is really great. You can tell that Skyline was really doing their best to make sure all of these buildings fit their real life counterparts. The texturing on the terminal is crisp and clear and looks spot on as well. The off-terminal areas are modeled very well in addition, these are the areas that really set apart run of the mill scenery from great scenery in my opinion.

The surrounding city looks good, its Los Angeles so aside from downtown there isn’t much of a skyline but it definitely feels like I am flying over a large densely populated area. Approaching the airport feels great, even on a cloudy day, as it was in my screenshots. I love how the airport textures seem to blend well with the surroundings, increasing the feeling that city grew up around this airport over the past 90+ years.

Its that time for me to talk about textures again. As you can see in all of the screenshots so far the textures in this scenery are really very good. Skyline took the “used and abused” artistic direction when they textured this airport and I really love it. Sometimes these kinds of textures appear to be overdone and kind of cheesy but I feel like Skyline struck the right balance of grease and grime where it is appropriate and clean and clear where that is better.

Long Beach at Night:

I have to admit, I am not really a “But what about the night lighting” kind of sim pilot. I do most of my flying in the day and only occasionally do my flights bleed into the evening hours. However X-Plane does a great job of lighting and Skyline took full advantage in this product. Like I had said for the textures, it feels like this airport is just tucked into a major city and the lights are no different. I think my favorite lighting effect though is the terminal lights reflecting off of the cement on at the gates, it just looks fantastic.


Performance with this scenery was standard! I used the Reality XP C172 and on my system (specifications are below), I was able to achieve mid to high 20’s for frames on the ground, while taxiing, and take off. While flying around the airport I was able to achieve mid 30’s for my frames per second. Considering the level of texturing and the modeling this scenery performed pretty well.


  • UHD Custom Textures using the latest painting techniques
  • Super Detailed 3D modeling
  • PBR Materials on every building
  • XPEco-subsystem
  • XPLCity with Hard surface and Heli fields
  • Animated Marshallers
  • Animated Radar
  • Animated Air-Condition fan and smoke from heaters
  • Detailed HD Ground with PBR and decals
  • Custom 3D Grass and vegetations blends with orthophotos
  • Ultra High resolution custom orthoimagery for the airport
  • Thousand of 3D custom static objects
  • Accurate Long Beach area using original US imagery and OSM data
  • High resolution Buildings, industrial area and buildings of interest like Walter Pyramid
  • Amazing and detailed Night Textures
  • FPS Friendly
  • Including KLGB Charts
  • Full Ground Traffic and WT3 ready from Captain K-Man

Final Thoughts:

I have had a number of European airports to review lately and it was a nice change of pace to be back in the lower 48, so to speak, for this review. I had not flown into KLGB in my sim piloting adventures before this scenery. I had flown into KLAX, KSAN, KSFO, and I am quite frustrated I never found Long Beach until now.

The modelling is right up there with some of the “big guys” of scenery creation, and the textures are absolutely fantastic. The airport feels appropriate for its use and the lighting is better than I would have expected. The lack of commercial aviation destinations may turn some off, however if you desire you can make up your own destinations and LGB can handle all but the largest of aircraft. If you fly general aviation, however, then this needs to be on your shopping list.

To purchase Skyline Simulations Long Beach head to Simmarket, where for $30.93 USD it can be yours.

Review System Specifications

Reviewed by: Daniel Faas

FX-6300 @ 3.8ghz


MSI Motherboard