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Review: FlyTampa Heraklion for XP11
Great performanceGood TexturesDual Use Military/Civilian airport
Less high-profile airport
4.7Overall Score
Surrounding Area
Value for Money
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Review by: Daniel Faas


Heraklion Airport “Nikos Kazantzakis” (LGIR) is a dual use civilian and military airport located on the Greek Island of Crete serving the city of Heraklion, Crete. LGIR Heraklion is the second busiest airport within the nation of Greece after Athens International, and as of 2018 served 8 million passengers.

Installation, Manuals, and Tools:

I got FlyTampa Heraklion from the fine people over at Simmarket and as with all of FlyTampa’s add-ons it is installed using the FlyTampa universal installer. The Universal Installer handles all facets of the scenery install including download, installation, and activation of the scenery which makes it a breeze to install XP scenery!

Who Flies to Heraklion?

According to the wikipedia entry for Heraklion there are 67 passenger airlines who service LGIR, with the vast majority on a seasonal basis. All of these airlines serve European destinations however, which may limit those who want to fly on a strictly realistic route.

The Airport:

FlyTampa have done another amazing job making a Mediterranean holiday destination. FlyTampa have a long history of creating scenery in this part of the world and it shows, the color pallet, the style of the surrounding town and even the trees and bushes in the scenery look spot on. FT’s experience really shows through in their Heraklion product.

The modeling in and around the terminal area is really top shelf. As you can see in the screenshot below even the in-terminal areas are modeled and look accurate. It is clear that FlyTampa care about their attention to detail, they even go so far as to modeled the garbage cans within the terminal and the direction signs within the terminal concourse. The off-terminal areas are modeled very well in addition, and even areas like truck parking are given the full effect in this scenery.

The surrounding city looks good however there isn’t as much to model as there would be in a large urban area such as Las Vegas or Athens, as mentioned previously the buildings are modeled well and look appropriate for the location. As mentioned earlier the military functions of the airport are well represented even the hangars for the military aircraft have an above average amount of detail, even going so far as to have the jet-blast deflectors at the rear of the hangars modeled for each parking location. This would make LGIR a great option for those who enjoy flying mil-sim aircraft on Xplane.

Its that time for me to talk about textures again. As you can see in all of the screenshots so far the textures in this scenery are really in the top notch. The textures in the terminal are legible from outside and the taxi-markings as well as the skid marks, and oil spots are all done in high definition and for all intents and purposes don’t seem to have a discernible effect on the framerate.

Heraklion at Night:

I must say, FlyTampa continue to impress me with each scenery they come out with and the lighting is really what pushed me over the edge this time. The lighting realistically shine off of the tarmac and the spill into the other areas of the airport realistically while leaving the taxi-ways and runways dark for the superb edge lighting to show. The terminal, I promise last time I’ll talk about it, even has that late night, fluorescent glow that makes you feel the drag of being in an airport late at night.


Performance with this scenery was surprisingly good! I used the default C172 and on my system (specifications are below), I was able to achieve mid to high 20’s for frames on the ground, while taxiing, and take off. While flying around the airport I was able to achieve mid 30’s for my frames per second. Considering the level of texturing and the modeling this scenery is very well optimized.


– Heraklion Nikos Kazantzakis(LGIR) Airport Addon
– Complete city add-on with custom mesh, vegetation and lighting
– Full city coverage with custom buildings and landmarks
– Sloped airport terrain
– Animated apron vehicles and road traffic
– PBR materials

Final Thoughts:

Another in a string of Greek vacation airports reaches the “final thoughts” portion of the review. I can’t say enough about this scenery. FlyTampa have really been putting it together lately when it comes to Xplane, already having a stellar track record in FSX/P3D scenery creation. It is my opinion that LGIR should be the scenery that cements their reputation in XP.

The modeling is as good as anyone else, the textures are crisp and high definition. What I think really puts FT’s scenery offerings in their own league, however, is their attention to detail where others are willing to cut corners. The fully modeled terminal with transparent glass and even textured signage within the terminal stands out to me as the best example here, but there are many areas around this airport where FlyTampa have done their due dillegence. If you are a fan of FlyTampa, the Greek Isles, or commercial aviation then you cant go wrong with Heraklion.

To purchase FlyTampa Heraklion International head to Simmarket, where for $23.17 USD it can be yours.

Review System Specifications

Reviewed by: Daniel Faas

FX-6300 @ 3.8ghz


MSI Motherboard