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If you are an avid reader of this site you’ll know now that we have been giving RealTurb a lot of ‘airtime’ with various articles over the past months regarding their products. This is majorly because we feel RealTurb are offering unique products at a reasonable price which overall has been somewhat overlooked by the community.

Today, RealTurb are back again with the release of their most pivotal package yet: Europe for P3D v4. RealTurb’s products if you don’t already know, provide realistic turbulence, speed fluctuation effects and many other weather effect features. These are so great because no one offers a product on the market at the moment to this standard. Some would argue that ActiveSky ‘does the job’ but after trying RealTurb you know what you’re missing out on. With complete terrain analysis of Europe, this product provides you with an immersive weather experience.

To purchase RealTurb’s Europe pack you can head over to Simmarket where for EUR19.99, it can be all yours. If you have previously purchased their Greek Airports package you are entitled to the upgrade price of EUR5.00. Additionally, if you have purchased their Summer Destinations pack you are entitled to the upgrade price of EUR13.00.

Please note that if you are using their Greek Airports and/or Summer Destinations packages, you must uninstall these prior to installing RealTurb Europe. If you would like to try out RealTurb’s products check out their free Africa and Antarctica products on Simmarket.

Check out our review of their Oceania product here.


Realistic turbulence effects
Realistic speed fluctuation effects
Realistic wind shifting effects (Requires Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 +)
Realistic wind shear effects (Requires Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 +)
Altitude/effects intensity envelope dynamically and realistically calculated based on surrounding terrain.
Complete coverage of the continent of Europe (see coverage map at the screenshots section)  with every single hill/mountain analyzed.
Easy installation
No user input/setup required for the effects to work. All is analyzed automatically!
No performance impact.
Compatible just with default Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 +, however to get the best out of it,
Activesky for Prepar3D v4.4 / v4.5 + is recommended.
Compatible with any aircraft, being default or add-on.

Supported Prepar3D version is v4.4 / v4.5 + even though it should work without any issues on any v4.0+ version.