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RealTurb Oceania Review P3D v4
Great Area Coverage (Whole Continent)Realistic Turbulence EffectsGreat Terrain AnalysisEasy Installation
Price Is Slightly Too High
4.8Overall Score
Area Coverage
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Following the release of their Summer Destinations package, RealTurb has decided to go down the route of providing realistic weather effects for a whole continent. The first of which is their Oceania package. Using new techniques they have been able to provide us with even more advanced terrain analysis. Because of this, every single hill/mountain/terrain within Oceania is analysed in conjunction with the aircraft’s position and surrounding weather. Thanks to these guys, every takeoff or landing feels invididually unique with terrain and wind affecting the aircraft’s movement.

To purchase RealTurb’s Oceania, head to Simmarket.

Area Coverage

– Australasia

– Melanesia

– Micronesia

– Polynesia


– Australia

– New Zealand

– New Caledonia

– Fiji

– Vanuatu

– Papua New Guinea

– Solomon Islands

– Naura

– Palau

– Federated States of Micronesia

– Kiribati

– Marshall Islands

– Guam

– Mariana Islands

– Tuvalu

– Wallis and Futuna

– Tonga

– Tokelau

– Samoa

– Niue

– Cook Islands

– French Polynesia

– Pitcairn Islands

– Easter Island

– Hawaii


Once again with RealTurb’s products the installation process couldn’t have been any easier. All you need to do is simply run the exe and everything works as expected. Continuing on from their other packages they have decided to opt for the .xml method of installation. This proves to be the most efficient and simplest way to install addons into Prepar3D at this moment in time.

Features & Realism

Following their other two packages RealTurb has done another brilliant job with regards to their turbulence effects. Once more, I would highly advise having ActiveSky to get the most out of this product utilising the real world weather engine. With this package RealTurb has really attempted to put some more time and effort into the terrain analysis and this certainly has paid off. When flying to places such as Wellington or Christchurch you can really feel the wind tunneling between/over hills and mountains, which makes the flying experience all the more riveting and exciting.

This addon provides me with another chance to say how much Prepar3D has been needing an addon like this. In my last review of their Summer Destinations and Greek Airports products I mentioned how this addon works especially well with the FSLabs and not as well with products such as PMDG’s or TFDI’s. However, I can safely say that having conducted many flights it seems to be significantly better with these products not only the FSLabs. Whether this is down to the new terrain analysis, I’m not sure. But, I’m sure whatever it is, it has made a significant improvement.


Once again having completed several flights with this addon, I have experienced no significant FPS impact. It does have to be taken into account that I conducted these tests with the FPS problems in P3D v4.5. However, as I said taking account the expected FPS drop of v4.5, I saw no FPS impact from the RealTurb product. Please bear in mind that going forwards the FPS issue has been resolved with the hotfix that was released a few days ago.


With this product I feel the price could be a little high. At the time of writing this product is on sale for EUR14.99, which you can grab at Simmarket. But, personally I have to say that for the type of product it is I feel the price is placed slightly too high at EUR 24.99. This product is not a necessity for the simple simmer, although it is a nice addition it’s certainly not required, especially with the default turbulence effects from products such as Rex Skyforce or Hifi’s Active Sky. Plus, you really need one of these weather engines already to take advantage of these effects. I do accept that they are covering a whole of continent but at the moment I would say there aren’t enough airports to fly into to justify this price point, especially with the likes of Europe having significantly more. Therefore, I feel this price would be good for a Europe or North America package, but for me the price point is a slight drawback to this addon.


In conclusion, RealTurb has done another fantastic job with this product. It’s really nice to have effects for a complete continent, specially with the added terrain analysis and effects not only experienced at an airfield. On the other hand, for me the price is slightly too high as I feel this product is not a necessity for the average simmer.

If you’re a simmer who wants your sim to be as realistic as possible, and you fly a lot to Oceania then be sure to pickup this addon.

To purchase RealTurb’s Oceania, head over to Simmarket where it is currently on sale for EUR17.99 from 29.99


System Specifications:

I7 6700K @4.6Ghz

EVGA 1080 8GB

Asus Motherboard

P3D v4.4 used during review

FS Labs products, TFDI 717, PMDG 777, PMDG 737, all add-on sceneries for the airports flown to (e.g. Flightbeam Wellington) as well as ActiveSky

Please note: We have used videos provided from the developer as these show off the add-on much better than attempted by Flightsimcentral. For transparency, we were given this product free of charge for the means of reviewing it.

Thank you for reading this review and stay tuned for the next one.