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RealTurb Greek Airports and Summer Destinations Review
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Airport Coverage
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As our sims progress to look and feel more and more like the real thing, more and more developers are looking for ways to make our flight simulation experience as riveting as real life. The developers at M.A. RealTurb are a fairly new company, whom are taking this step to try and make our turbulence experience even more realistic when flying into airports notorious for wind turbulence. In this review we will be exploring two of their products: Greek Airports and Summer Destinations, which in total adds up to approximately 60 airports.


RealTurb chose to start off their ‘addon campaign’ by releasing their ‘Greek Airports’ package back in February this year, and with this came over 50 airports around Greece. This guarantees that anywhere you fly in Greece you fly, you will be getting a realistic weather conditions. Major airports such as Athens, Rhodes, Thessaloniki, Samos, Corfu and Skiathos are all included. Overall, I have to say that you couldn’t ask for any more, with a plethora of airports to choose from in Greece.

Moving onto to their second offering: the Summer Destinations package, there are a nice selection of airports with some lovely approaches. Airports included in this package include Madeira, Gibraltar, Gran Canaria, La Palma, Tenerife North, Tenerife South, Malaga, Dubrovnik, Bilbao, Genoa and Split. All of which are notorious for having notorious for experiencing high wind turbulence in and around the airfield. In comparison to the Greek Airports package, yes, you aren’t getting as many airfields, however this is reflected in the price point at EUR 8.39 incl. VAT versus EUR 17.99 incl. VAT for the Greek Airports package. Overall, I would say that there are some great airports to offer, where having this addon is now an essential going forward for me.

Installation & Support

Installing this addon couldn’t have been any simpler. On both accounts you simply run the .exe and it will do all the installing for you. As RealTurb are utilising the .xml method of adding add-ons to your P3D it couldn’t have been easier. Going forward there’s also no maintanence required or need to activate or deactivate the .xml, unless you would want to fly without the weather effects but why would you want to do that!?!

Features & Realism

In terms of features, RealTurb really has done a good job. With this addon comes realistic turbulence effects, speed fluctuation effects, wind shifting effects, wind shear effects as well as altitude/effects intensity envelope dynamically and realistically based on surrounding terrain.  I would highly advise having ActiveSky as well as P3D v4.4 to make the most of this addon. RealTurb has really gone to town on not only adding the realistic turbulence effects but also the altitude/effects based on the surrounding terrain. Because of this, when conducting testing, you could tell the difference between flying to a place such as Gibraltar versus an airfield such as Bilbao. On the one hand, you can feel the effects of the Gibraltar rock affecting the wind direction and speed, whereas on the other hand you can really feel the effects being tunneled in Bilbao due to the surrounding terrain. You can clearly seen this in the videos linked, where you feel as if you’re flying to a completely different kind of place, with unique turbulence effects and that’s great to have.

Having flown in Prepar3D for many years now as well as FSX, as I’m sure many of you will agree, flying many ILS approaches into places such as Tenerife South can feel and handle the exact same as flying to somewhere like Heathrow, which is very frustrating. Whereas, with RealTurb’s turbulence effects you can really feel the difference, and that’s one of the main reasons why I really like flying with these effects on, in some ways I wish it could be like this worldwide, with any airport I fly into.

One bit of advice I would have is: use the FSLabs with this if you have it. I found during testing that although you did feel the effects with an aircraft such as the TFDI Designs 717 or the PMDG 737, my experience was really enhanced with the use of the FSLabs. Not only because of the way it handles and feels in the air, but also because of how well turbulence effects are conducted under by this aircraft. For instance, when I flew into Split in the FS Labs A319, you could really feel the wind pushing the aicraft and the effect of the surrounding terrain, not only on landing but also on takeoff when departing with the terrain to the close left of the aircraft.

Overall, I would say that the features of the RealTurb addons are fantastic. If you are a simmer striving for pure realism in your simulator then I would highly recommend their products. As already mentioned, I would highly recommend using the FS Labs with their products to take full advantage of the effects it offers as well as Activesky and P3D 4.4+.


Having conducted multiple flights with this addon enabled, I have experienced no performance impact at all. This is brilliant because with the high demand of add-ons such as the FSLabs aicrafts or the sceneries you may be flying to, performance was a concern of mine when installing RealTurb’s products. However, I was pleasantly surprised to regard absolutely no drop in FPS at all, maybe a percent or two more CPU usage, but no FPS drop at all. Therefore, I can confidently confirm that Performance gets a 5-star review.


With both these products I believe the price is placed pretty well. On the one hand with the Greek Airports package you are getting basically every International airport in Greece as well as some more regional airports for a pretty good price of EUR 17.99 incl. VAT. And in the Summer Destinations case, you are getting access to some great airports for enhanced turbulence effects, although there are less airfields covered, this is reflected in the price point at EUR 8.39 incl. VAT , which for me is a bargain.

My only comment would be that as Prepar3D is a very expensive platform to have performing to a realistic level, if you already have ActiveSky I would say that this isn’t required if you aren’t totally bothered about getting your sim as real as it can be. Albeit, this isn’t an expensive add-on by any means but because of the requirements it isn’t an absolute must. But don’t get me wrong it is a fantastic add-on to have, especially at that price point, and if you do have the budget then I would highly recommend it.


In conclusion, RealTurb has released two great products. If you are a regular flight simmer, and love having your sim as real as it gets, I would highly recommend this add-on to you. I would also highly recommend having ActiveSky as well as Prepar3D v4.4+, and using the FS Labs to experience the full extent of what RealTurb’s effects has to offer. With no performance impact on FPS, it won’t matter how high-end or not your system is. And to put the icing on the cake the installation is super simple. Overall, I would highly recommend this add-on and I look forward to reviewing RealTurb’s next ‘bigger’ release in future. Hopefully with some more great airports covered, hopefully around the World not just in Europe.

To purchase RealTurb’s Greek Airports package click here.

To purchase RealTurb’s Summer Destinations cick here.

And if you haven’t already feel free to enter their competition to win a chance at getting a free copy of their next product via their Facebook page.

System Specifications:

I7 6700K @4.6Ghz

EVGA 1080 8GB

Asus Motherboard

P3D v4.4 used during review

FS Labs products, TFDI 717, all add-on sceneries for the airports flown to (e.g. Aerosoft Gibraltar) as well as ActiveSky

Please note: We have used videos provided from the developer as these show off the add-on much better than attempted by Flightsimcentral. For transparency, we were given both of their products free of charge for the means of reviewing their product.

Thank you for reading this review and stay tuned for the next one.