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The guys over at RealTurb, the developers of the highly acclaimed immersive weather effects products for “Greek Airports” and “Summer Destinations” has announced their roadmap today over on their Facebook page.

They have announced a video competition in which users have a chance to win a free copy of their upcoming project if successful with their video! It must be featuring one of the airports they have covered and must be posted under their “Video Competition” post which you can find here.

The next phase of their competition features a “Guess the next RealTurb project” competition, whereby another 2 users who win will have themselves a free copy of their upcoming release. They included a major clue which was that this next project is “MUCH LARGER” in comparison to their previous releases. The competition closes on 2100z April 10th.

Finally, they have said that their next project will be announced on April 12th with a release soon after, between the 15th and 25th April.

If you haven’t already purchased one of their products head to Simmarket. Within the next week we plan to release a combined review of their Greek Airports and Summer Destinations products, so stay tuned.