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Matt Davies, Founder/CEO of Mettar Simulations has announced the release of PTA v2.65 over on the Avsim forums. In response to yesterday’s release of Prepar3D v4.5, the update brings compatibility to this latest version of the sim as well as fixing ‘coastline block textures that some users were reporting‘.

The update is free of charge and can be downloaded via your order page on the SimTweaks website.

Moreover, at the end of the post Matt also took the time to announce there’s some ‘pretty major news regarding PTA & its future in the coming weeks. P3D V4.5 brings a wealth of new things for us to utilise, that mixed with hiring a developer from the games industry that understands shader technology, let’s just say that the future is very bright for PTA’

If you haven’t already purchased PTA you can do so over on the SimTweaks website for a very reasonable £14.99

Please note the featured images are taken directly from the SimTweaks website.