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A new update for PRO-ATC/X have been released and it can be downloaded from here.

 The changelog is the following:

Handover to approach moved back 10nm: This is to allow the user time to request a different runway/approach if required. This does not affect the TOD.(Changed)
ALL approaches are now correctly selected as per the STAR and AIRAC data using reverse lookup (ZYX). Assigned approach will depend upon AIRAC data supplier.(NEW)
All approach altitude restriction are met as per AIRAC data. (NEW)
[OPTION]Try to assign the runway used by AI: This was causing the user receiving no clearances in certain situations. (FIXED)
Missed approaches as per AIRAC data, if no AIRAC data then assigned vectors back to the FAF/IAF (FIXED)
‘Take off from here’ option from inflight menu. To allow intersection departures or to accommodate AFCAD inaccuracies. YOU must change to the correct Tower Frequency. Ground will remind you to switch. This will happen even if you have ‘ticked’ co-pilot will operate comms. (NEW)
Approach Selection:
Order without “Prefer ILS” option (default):ILS, GLS, LOC, RNAV, VOR, NDB: The first having a matching transition is selected. Same order again if no transition found.
New option to the flight planning window: “Prefer ILS/GLS/LOC Approaches, even without transition”. It is flight plan specific and it is by default unticked (New)
When “Prefer ILS” is ticked:
ILS, GLS, LOC with transition
ILS, GLS, LOC without transition
RNAV, VOR, NDB with transition
RNAV, VOR, NDB without transition
Better recognition of missed waypoints.(FIXED)
A better assignment of descend initialization. .(FIXED)
A smoother descend .(FIXED)
Enhancements to the moving map window (NEW)
The automatically inserted alternate airport in the planning window should now always be found, even if the distance is greater than 70 NM. (Changed)
The approach clearance is now assigned when reaching the last STAR waypoint (if assigned, else the last route waypoint) (Changed)
No more approach clearance when intercepting the FAF but a clearance to intercept the runway. (Fixed/Changed)
Reworked the altitude assignments completely (Fixed/Changed)
The entry method to a holding is now considered. Depending on the holding heading and the heading you are approaching the holding, you’ll have to enter by a DIRECT, PARALLEL or OFFSET/TEARDROP entry (Updated)
While flying a holding the NAV1 course is always set to the heading expected by PRO-ATC/X, regardless of the copilot options you have set. The autopilot heading is of course only set if the options are set accordingly. I suggest to set the autopilot on HDG-SEL and LVL-CHG when entering a holding and to leave it there until being assigned to exit the holding. This will make sure the airplane is flying an expected holding.
Moving Map:
The altitude displayed in the moving map now begins with “!” if it is defined by AIRAC data, which means it is strictly followed. If the altitude restriction is “at or above” the altitude is extended by “A”, if it is “at or below” it is extended by “B”. If it is “at” no extension is added. (New)
The expected STAR/Approach is now displayed on the moving map screen (left side) as soon as you are cleared for the flight.(New)
Wind conditions and selected runways:
If wind direction is unknown or variable, the longest runway will be selected. ILS supported runways are preferred. (New)
Approach Corrections due to weather/AI
You’ll will receive no more corrections once you are cleared for the Approach (not an expected Approach!) or the aircraft distance to the airport (direct) is below 25 NM. THIS COULD CHANGE ON RECEIVING APPROACH CLEARANCE (New)
Missed approaches are now displayed in the SID/STAR window as they are assigned at runtime (New)
This now brings ProATCX closer to real world ATC for an IFR flight from A>B. (Prefight > Take-off > Departure >En Route > Descent > Approach >Landing).

Tip: Make sure your aircraft data is correct (Data>Aircraft). This will affect your flight and TOD Emoticón wink

Outstanding issues that we are already aware of, please do not report these:

1. Taxi routing not correct at some airports
2. Priority runways as per scenery(AFCAD), not correctly recognized
3. Control of AI by ProATCX on the ground
4. Incorrect Airline call signs
5. Flights in the USA still need reviewing with regards to vectoring on approach.

If you find anything that you think we have missed (not what you think should happen!), then please let us know and attach your Log file, every time.
The procedures work as per AIRAC data and Charts, we have spent months and weeks making sure that this is the case.
What happens now, you ask!

1. Any Bugs that you find, there will be some, we know that. We cannot test everywhere in the world. Reports will be accessed and fixed if needed. Please be aware that only genuine Bugs will be fixed, not pilot error!
2. We will start an internal review of each phase of the flight to see what we can ‘tweak’ to make it even more real world, especially in the USA. If you can think of anything that would make ProATCX better, only on the phases of the flight then let us know. We will look at them on a case by case basis, which means if we think that is what will happen in the real world we will consider them.
3. Please do not at this stage start bombarding us with items outside of the flight from A>B. We have a road map of where we want ProATCX to go and as we start to introduce these items you will be surprised. We have a final ‘goal’ but to get there it will take some time, but it will be achieved.

In conclusion, we are making ProATCX the best and as true to the real world as it can be with limitation of FSX. Now you have to be a real world Pilot and fly the approaches and missed approaches like they are done, use you charts, look at the Moving map(it will not give you everything!).

Thank you for your support while we have been working to achieve this release.