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Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3 coming this September 30th, 2015! Normally the P3D version came on November, but who cares this is an updates is massive and you’ll see why.

P3D v3 will be available to buy through Prepar3D Store .

So what is Prepar3D v3? 

is the most advanced flight simulator at the moment which allows developers and users to build and experience advanced simulated training environments using a new slate of features that simplify development and augment the training experience.

Prepar3D v3 further simplifies training scenario creation with major updates to SimDirector, the industry leading simulation course ware creation tool. Prepar3D v3 also welcomes enriched training capabilities by incorporating Autodesk® Scaleform® support, which improves the user interface and expands gauge and panel training capabilities. The new release also features a new avatar mode that enables users to exit their vehicle and experience the simulated environment in first or third person for increased realism and situational awareness.

And I can run Prepar3D v3 on my machine?

As long as you meet the following minimum requirement you can use it.

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) Microsoft Windows 7 (64-bit)
Computer Processor
2.0 GHz Quad Core 3.0 GHz (Per Core) +
Computer Memory
2 GB 4 GB +
Hard Drive Space
30 GB (3 GB for the SDK)
Solid State Drive (SSD) is strongly recommended
Graphics Card Video Memory
1 GB 4 GB + (GDDR5 or better)
Graphics Card Other
Full DirectX 11 Support
Administrator Rights (for installation)
DirectX 11
1920×1080 minimum screen resolution for primary display


It will be 64 bits? Short Answer, No.

And what is the pricing and which license?

But we recommend average simmers to buy the Academic license which cost $59.95 USD.

Prepar3D Professional Prepar3D Professional Plus
Professional License
Academic License
Developer License
Professional License
Developer License
Training, Instruction,
Simulation, Learning
Check Box Check Box
Graduate Student
Training, Instruction
Simulation, Learning
Check Box Check Box
Undergraduate Student
Training, Instruction
Simulation, Learning
Check Box
K-12 Student
Training, Instruction
Simulation, Learning
Check Box
Check Box Check Box
Personal Consumer


Will Prepar3D v3 be backwards compatibility?

According to Lockheed Martin, they make sure that the licensed content of by LM be backwards compatibility and that a update arrive soon to get more potential out of P3D v3.


Those are one of the two brand new included aircraft packed with Prepar3D v3.


And if you ask yes this will be possible in P3D v3, maybe not for all the aircraft but we hope we can do that with PMDG aircraft’s or Quality Wings 787.

Now the long list for the true die heart fans you can find the complete list of features and modifications here.