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Following the launch of their new forums, there hasn’t been any groundbreaking news…until today! Robert S Randazzo of PMDG took the time to write a new update post providing some muchly needed information on some upcoming developments regarding their NG3, 747 QOTSII and also their Global Flight Ops, which if you remember was officially announced by Randazzo himself at FSExpo in 2018.

The most significant bit of news to come from the post is the news that the NG3 is making “very good progress”. PMDG are now at the point of beta testing in the close future. Randazzo stated, “in a perfect world, we will see beta testing for NG3 commence during the last few days of April, or possibly early May.” To go with this is the news that there won’t be any NDA therefore, no embargo on sharing images and/or videos to the public. So hopefully we will able to see some screenshots of the aircraft in all its glory very soon.

Secondly, was the news regarding their Global Flight Operations. Today it was confirmed PMDG has undergone the API infrastructure, to the point at which they have shared it with other developers so they are able to undergo the integration process. Although Randazzo has said that progress hasn’t been ideal, it’s not surprising as it’s PMDG’s first attempt at a product that isn’t strictly an aircraft. Randazzo also mentioned that livery painters will also see invitations for the testing process if you need any help, Robert, get in touch…. 😉

Another great bit of news to come is that a brand new update for the 747 Queen of the Skies II will be coming within the next week (Tuesday or Wednesday most likely). It will include an update for the navdata handling, improvements to LNAV and much more. Randazzo also confirmed that an additional update will come soon after that with weather compatibility for REX products.

And finally was the news that they’re taking their DC-3 on a world-tour to various airshows across the globe this year. Although previously announced, Randazzo said they’re still working on the final details. He also said they have plans to create a tracking system page so fans are able to track the aircraft’s progress. They have also installed a satellite tracking system to the aircraft, so it has better coverage when crossing over the Atlantic.

So, an unusually long post from us, but some great news has come out of PMDG’s update post. If you would like to find out any more information head over to their forums for the full plate of information, please note you need an account to view any content.