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Paulo Ricardo has been making sceneries since 1998, today he has released another scenery of his: Viracopos Campinas SBKP International Airport for P3D v4.

Viracopos – Campinas International Airport (IATA: VCP, ICAO: SBKP) is an International airport in the municipality of Campinas in Sao Paulo. The airport serves as a alrge hub for air traffic in Brazil and it is the largest surface Air Cargo Centre in South America. Since Sao Paulo – Guarulhos International Airport is operating at full capacity and cannot be expanded any further, the Viracopos Airport is also important for passenger traffic.

The scenery features a detailed rendition of the airport, PBR materials, Autogen compatibility with Paulo’s Mega Sao Paulo and compatibility with Orbx openLC FTX. Sadly, this scenery does not feature SODE jetways/GSX Level 2 Jetways, only CTR + J jetways. Hopefully someone will make a config for this airport in the coming days. Most notably, this airport is a major hub for cargo traffic as previously mentioned, featuring cargo airlines such as Cargolux, Emirates Sky Cargo, Atlas Air and Martinair.

To purchase Campinas, head to Simmarket, where you can have it for a very reasonable EUR 17.99


  • Surrounding Scenario detailed with numerous custom buildings  3D terrain including vehicles and static objects
  • Grass volume (3D) custom rain effect
  • Light Effects varied by the airport in PBR
  • Buildings all over town in 3D, with negligible impact on FPS
  • Autogen City  Compatible and merge with Mega São Paulo
  • Mobile, actionable by Jetways default command (Ctrl + J)
  • Compatible with Global openLC FTX