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Today, over on their forums, Orbx has announced the release of version 1.10 of their Bilbao scenery. This scenery was developed and updated by Marcus Nyberg & Philip Schall.

Today’s update includes a vast variety of changes, some of which include brand-new high-resolution textures surrounding the terminal, improved ground textures, SODE jetways and many other features, all of which can be seen below.

Marcus & Philip has also implemented 200 new building types making for a much more scenic and realistic approach as well as new objects on the nearby mountain ranges and also new lighting for the whole city. They have also included various bug fixes, making the scenery even more pleasurable to fly to.



The update is free of charge to existing Orbx Bilbao owners (update via FTX central). If you haven’t already, you can purchase LEBB from the Orbx website for $39.95AUD.

Full Change Log

  • New high-res textures for terminal area
  • Completely new high-res ground textures with normal maps
  • SODE-gates
  • Approach for runway 12/30 has gotten a massive upgrade with roughly 200 new building types and variations making the whole area come to life in a whole new way
  • Southern approach has gotten mountain ranges included and wind farms, making the whole decent to a new experience
  • Ambient light effect has been added to the whole city creating a mind blowing night scenario
  • New water puddle effect at the airport,
  • New crisp terrain features at the terminal area
  • Upgraded cargo area
  • New AFCAD by Urmel that better reflects real life operations and is optimized to be AI-friendly.
  • A lot of small fixes