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So. The time has come for Germany North! Orbx just released the product. It is available from the FlightSimStore with a price of 59.95 Australian Dollars equal to 41.46 US Dollars before applicable taxes.

The region covers a massive 182,991 sq km with a very impressive feature list:

  • Superb ground textures from local sources
  • Hand-placed landclass covers every sq mile
  • Custom autogen textures and objects
  • FTX Global 3D night lighting effects
  • Accurate roads, rivers, lakes, alley trees
  • More than 90,000 individually placed and assigned powerline pylons
  • 386 airports have been upgraded or added
  • Custom models of hundreds of POIs, dams, lighthouses
  • Photoreal Cityscape Berlin “lite”
  • Photoreal mudflats, Hamburg port, Bremerhaven port, Duisburg Thyssenwerke, open pitmines
  • GEN mesh is compiled at 20-m grid spacing

FTX Germany North will of course blend perfectly with the upcoming FTX Germany South.

Do note that you need to have FTX Global Base installed for this region to work.