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Over on the Orbx forums, Ed Correia has announced that Orbx has released LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport for P3D v4. It is available to purchase on the OrbxDirect website, found here.

LIEO is one of the busiest international airports found on the Italian island of Sardinia, and is located about one kilometre from the city centre. The airport caters for year-round and seasonal flights to over 80 European destinations, including Rome Fiumicino, Milan, Frankfurt, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London and many others. The airport has a very unique and spectacular approach, flying over the sea canal on the approach you will fly very low over the mainland ferries (modeled in this scenery), harbour, and of course, the beautiful beaches!

Key Features:

  • Highly detailed, accurate representation of Olbia Costa Smeralda airport with new runway and taxiway
  • Beautiful ground textures in 30cm/px with 130sq/km of photoreal coverage.
  • Dozens POIs modeled in Olbia city with full 3D road systems, helipads, ferries and trains.
  • Super level of realism at the airport with 3D underground parts.
  • Compatible with Orbx Global Base and/or Orbx openLC Europe
  • SODE jetways
  • Includes Dynamic lights and extremely realistic specular effects over ground textures
  • Fully optimized using the latest techniques
  • By Matteo Veneziani

LIEO Olbia Costa Smeralda is now available for AUD $39.95 (approx. USD $28.80 / €24.60 / £21.95 ) via the OrbxDirect website.

For the best experience, Orbx Global Base and/or openLC Europe should be purchased and installed prior to using this airport.