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Orbx’s Jarrad Marshall has returned once more with another fantastic addition to the collection of high-quality airports available from Orbx.  Jarrad Marshall has worked on some of my favorite Orbx creations, with Monterey, Palm Springs, and Jackson Hole being among the airports that he has made.  This time he brings Eagle County Regional Airport to life inside of FSX and P3D.  Also included in the package are three other spots to land; Gypsum Creek Ranch, the now-closed Avon STOLport, and the Vail Medical Center helipad.  Here’s an idea of the large area covered:

Eagle County Regional Airport, or KEGE, is a Class D airport located in Eagle, Colorado.  The airport is about a 20 minute flight to Denver, where year round service is provided by United Express.  The airport is a popular ski destination during the wintertime, when planes from all over the United Staties and Canada come in.  The airport is known as being a very difficult airport to fly into and out of.  The LDA approach into runway 25 is offset by 3 degrees from the runway itself, and departures off of runway 25 have to make a quick left turn after takeoff to avoid rapidly rising terrain west of the airport.  This terrain also makes landing on runway 7 impractical.  To add to the challenge, the airport is located 6,500 feet above sea level and has a 9,000 foot runway.  757s are the largest jet that fly in during the wintertime, while in off peak months the airport is served by CRJs and Q400s.

All screenshots were taken in P3D v2.5


Installation is a bit more complicated than your typical addon, but it’s still a walk in the park.  Upon purchasing, you’ll receive an email with registration details.  After downloading and running the installer, you’ll be greeted by FlightSimStore’s wrapper.  FlightSimStore is the sole vendor of Orbx products.  Enter in the registration details that were provided to you, and the wrapper will then execute the installer itself.  

The airport costs $32.95 AUD, which is about $23.50 USD.  The pricing is extremely good for the amount of detail you get and the vast area covered.

Like most of Orbx’s airports, KEGE comes with a config tool that will allow you to remove and add features for better performance or visuals.  Some of the things that you can change are the amount of static aircraft present, which you can choose between summer or winter amounts of aircraft.  You can also deactivate landmarks and the enhanced autogen around the airport and choose whether or not you want static people populating the airport.

ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.02.33) ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.03.31) ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.03.47) ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.04.04)

You can also choose whether or not you want the Avon STOLport, which was closed in the 1990s.  If you choose not to have it enabled, the present-day area is shown instead.



The download size is about 2.7 GBs, and the airport after installation shows about the same size.  It’s not the lightest scenery package in existence, but it certainly makes sense given the massive area covered.

One last thing, the payware Orbx FTX Global is required.  No regions are required.


As with many Orbx airports, detailed documentation is included.  The Manual details installation, the config tool, the coverage area, recommended scenery settings, and much much more.  


I must say, I’m stunned by how good this airport looks.  The modeling is amazing.  The textures are extremely well done.  The people around the airport (if you have them enabled in the config tool) add to the atmosphere of Eagle County.  The static aircraft all look fantastic as well.  I honestly have no criticism to offer as far as the airport itself is concerned.

ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.08.28) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.08.49) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.22.55) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.22.35)


ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.20.32) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.20.52) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.11.56) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.09.25) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.09.03) ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.06.07)


ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.06.23) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.07.55) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.07.30) ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.05.25) ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.03.43) ss+(2015-09-17+at+02.02.48)

KEGE at night

The night lighting is spectacular as well.  You’ll be able to find your way very easily at nighttime.  

ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.56.46) ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.58.44) ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.58.40) ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.58.37) ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.56.59) ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.56.26)

ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.55.59) ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.55.43) ss+(2015-09-17+at+01.55.01)

The Surroundings

Once you leave Eagle County Airport, you’ll notice a drop in the quality of the ground textures.  Unfortunately they don’t seem to recover around the other landing areas in the scenery package.  You’ll noticed the reduce quality if you try to land at avon STOLport, located east of KEGE.  



CO47 or Gypsum Creek Rank is also included, and it looks all right.  Again, I’m not a fan of the ground texture quality.  Interestingly enough, it does have a sloped runway though.

ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.26.29) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.26.49)

The enhanced autogen around the airport looks good, and aligns with the ground textures nicely, at least around Eagle County Airport.

ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.24.22) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.23.46) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.32.53) ss+(2015-09-17+at+12.32.31)


-1500 square kilometers of coverage

-Static aircraft accurate to the real world KEGE

-Extremely accurate rendition of Eagle County and surrounding area

-10M resolution mesh

-Landmarks for VFR flying in the area

-Excellent optimization



-Compatible with FSX and P3D

-works with FTX Vector

-blends with FTX Global, which is a requirement for the airport


Ah, the ever important question.  Don’t let the large area and extreme detail deceive you, this airport is amazing on performance.  I was sitting on the ground in the VC of my trusty PMDG 737NGX at KEGE with all boxes ticked in the config tool, and I was seeing framerates in the mid to high 30s.  My VAS usage was also extremely good, with 1.4 GB remaining with the NGX on departure.  



Intel Core i7-4790k@4.0GHz



Windows 8.1 64-bit

P3D 2.5 with TML set to 1024

In conclusion…

You can’t go wrong with this purchase.  The price is quite cheap compared to a lot of scenery, and the amount of detail and area covered you get is amazing.  The only issue I really have is the low quality ground textures around the other airfields apart from KEGE.  If you want an airport that performs well, looks amazing, and can challenge you as a pilot, this airport is a must buy.

Written by: Daniel Everman


Most Products come with Official Videos showcasing the product. Below we’ve attached some videos for you to watch, just in case you prefer them over screenshots. Videos by: (Jeroen DoormanFlightsim Voyagerftp2letamarcelkade)