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Mex High Flight La Havana Jose Marti Airport Review
Good ModellingExtremely Good Frame RatesNice Surrounding Detail
Texturing to be improvedNot the best Night Lighting
4.0Overall Score
Value for Money
Reader Rating 7 Votes




Jose Marti International Airport (IATA: HAV, ICAO: MUHA) is located 15km (9mi) southwest of the city of Havana, Cuba (Havana being the capital). It is the largest airport in Cuba handling over 4 million passengers a year from several countries, connecting Cuba to the rest of the Caribbean, North, Central and South America, Europe and one each destination in Africa and Asia. The airport is 15km (9 mi) southwest of Havana, Cuba and is a hub for Cubana de Aviacion, Aerogaviota and Aero Caribbean. From GA Aircraft, to 777s from France! MUHA can house several types of aircraft. Even the Russian built IL-96. It is a bizarrely built airport, due to the fact the airport consists of five medium sized terminals, with terminal 1 located on the east side of runway 06 and is primarily used now for domestic flights. The rest of the terminals on the west side of 06. Jose Marti Airport has currently one asphalt runway at a length of approximately 4,000 metres.

Installation, Manuals and Tools:

The installation process for Mex High Flight’s Havana Jose Marti Airport is fairly simple. With the review copy, came a simple exe which then asks you for a specific location where you would like to install the scenery and texture files, which it then explains needs to be added to your scenery library manually. During the installation process it comes with simple instructions on what you need to do to install this addon. Next, manuals and tools wise, there is nothing. This was slightly dissappointing not find any manuals (minus the instructions included in the exe) neither tools apart from the exe itself and the uninstall exe. Mex High Flight are fairly new scenery developers so at this point I am not particularly surprised that there aren’t any added options to this scenery. As well as the fact that you aren’t paying top dollar for an addon such as this, so I would’nt expect there to be s especially if you compare it to the likes of FlyTampa, Aerosoft or Taxi2Gate, here I am not going to do so.

Who flies to Havana?

Thanks to Wikipedia, we are able to provide you a full list of airlines that fly in and out of Havana. For more specific information visit FlightAware.

Airlines Destinations Terminal
Aerocaribbean Cayo Coco, Holguín, Managua, San Pedro Sula, Santiago de Cuba 1, 5
Aeroflot Moscow–Sheremetyevo 3
Aerogaviota Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo del Sur, Cayo Santa María, Holguín, Kingston–Norman Manley, Montego Bay, Nassau, Santiago de Cuba 1, 3
Aerotaxi Santa Clara, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Sancti Spiritus, Cayo Largo del Sur 5
Aeroméxico Cancún, Mexico City 3
Air Berlin Düsseldorf 3
Air Canada Rouge Toronto–Pearson 3
Air Caraïbes Paris–Orly, Pointe-à-Pitre 3
Air China Beijing–Capital, Montréal–Trudeau 3
Air Europa Madrid 3
Air France Paris–Charles de Gaulle 3
Air Transat Seasonal: Montréal–Trudeau 3
Alaska Airlines Los Angeles 3
Alitalia Rome-Fiumicino 3
American Airlines Charlotte, Miami 3
Austrian Airlines Seasonal: Vienna 3
Avianca Bogotá 3
Avianca El Salvador San Salvador 3
Avianca Peru Lima 3
Bahamasair Nassau 2
Blue Panorama Airlines Milan–Malpensa, Rome–Fiumicino 3
Cayman Airways Grand Cayman 2
Condor Frankfurt, Munich 3
Conviasa Caracas 3
Copa Airlines Panama City 3
Cubana de Aviación Baracoa, Bayamo, Bogotá, Buenos Aires–Ezeiza, Camagüey, Cancún, Caracas, Cayo Coco, Cayo Largo del Sur, Ciego de Ávila, Guantánamo, Holguín, Madrid, Managua, Manzanillo (Cuba), Mexico City, Moa, Montréal–Trudeau, Nueva Gerona, Paris–Orly, Port-au-Prince, San José, Santa Clara, Santiago de Cuba, Santo Domingo–Las Américas, Toronto–Pearson, Victoria de las Tunas 1, 3
Delta Air Lines Atlanta, Miami, New York–JFK 3
Eastern Air Lines Charter: Miami, Tampa 2
Edelweiss Air Zürich 3
operated by SunExpress Deutschland
Cologne/Bonn 3
Evelop Airlines Madrid 3
Frontier Airlines Miami 2
Finnair Charter: Helsinki 3
Iberia Madrid 3
Insel Air Curaçao 3
Insel Air Aruba Aruba 3
InterCaribbean Airways Providenciales 3
Interjet Cancún, Mérida, Mexico City, Monterrey 3
JetBlue Airways Fort Lauderdale, New York–JFK, Orlando 3
KLM Amsterdam 3
LATAM Perú Lima 3
Meridiana Milan–Malpensa 3
Neos Seasonal Charter: Milan–Malpensa 3
PAWA Dominicana Santo Domingo-Las Americas 3
Southwest Airlines Fort Lauderdale, Tampa 2
Spirit Airlines Fort Lauderdale 3
Sun Country Airlines Charter: Miami, New York–JFK 2
Swift Air Charter: Baltimore, Fort Myers, Miami, Orlando, San Juan, Tampa 2
TAAG Angola Airlines Luanda 3
TAME Quito 3
Turkish Airlines Istanbul-Atatürk 3
United Airlines Houston–Intercontinental, Newark 2
Virgin Atlantic London–Gatwick 3
Wingo Bogota 3

The Airport

Overall I would say that Mex High Flight have done a very good job with Havana. For what you are paying for you get a lot for your money including  the surrounding detail, good modelling of terminal buildings, plus many more things, for example the realistic AFCAD, ground markings and compatibility with Orbx products (i.e. Vector, Orbx Base) and GSX. To start off with, modelling. Due to the weird layout of Jose Marti International Airport there are large buildings and little qwerky buildings dotted around this airfield, on both sides of the runway. It’s not only at the airfield but the autogen and surrounding detail is very good. There is however and underlying factor that the definition of the buildings could be slightly better but the detail in themselves makes up for it. There’s even old cars modeled to be located on the roads around the Havana area. I have to say that I love it when scenery developers add that little bit of extra detail to their sceneries and I feel that Mex High Flight have absolutely done this with, I would have liked to have seen something else other from the old cars and animal animations. However I would say that the modelling generally around the airfield is very good, the high standing control tower has been done fantastically, the amount of different 3D objects have been done very well. Plus the qwerky aprons and terminal buildings look very life-like.

Next, texturing. I think that at Jose Marti texturing could definitely be improved, it is certainly ok, however the resolution of the buildings themselves are fairly low. With Mex High Flight being a fairly new scenery developer then I am not surprised there’s a few things that need to be improved however that is part of the scenery developing process. The taxiways and runway could be unequivocally be enhanced by including touch down zones and grease marks, this giving the airport that extra bit of immersion. But at Havana they have included nice little features like the 3D grass, the fully detailed autogen of the area and one thing to be certainly mentioned is the AFCAD. I find that many scenery developers can make a great airport with the texturing and modelling, however they can lack a good, realistic AFCAD and Mex High Flight have done a very good job with the AFCAD at Havana, something a simmer cannot go without. One thing that I realised when flying a long haul out of Havana was the quality of the jetways. I come to understand that Jose Marti International is an old airport, with not very many new terminal buildings. However one thing I must point out is the jetways, I feel that they let down the rest of the apron really as they look a bit blurry and old. An increasing amount of scenery developers are using SODE for jetways at their airports, sadly not at Havana, this being one thing that I would love to see in the future for Mex High Flight. As well as the jetways I also feel the trees could be improved, as you will see from the screenshots, they look a bit bizarre and unrealistic, a small factor really. All in all, I would say this is the number one place where Mex High Flight need to improve, nonetheless the texturing at MUHA is positively good.

Thirdly, detail. As I have already mentioned, Havana has a weird layout. Thus having several different terminals spread around the airfield, on both sides of the runway. I feel that on each apron at each terminal there has been some very nice detail added, for instance the 3D objects that have all been nice modeled dispersed round the area in question. Sadly there are no seasonal textures at Havana, something that could added later on as this does make the airfield look the exact same in Winter to Summer. Granting all this, Havana has some great added detail and this is certainly above par to many other payware sceneries.

prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-25-37 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-25-51 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-26-09 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-26-24 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-26-59 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-27-44 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-27-54 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-47-42 prepar3d_2017-01-15_05-48-03


Havana at Night

Now, the night lighting at Havana is somewhat interesting. There is very little dome lighting at this scenery in the apron area thus making the airport feel a bit dark and somewhat gloomy. The little beacons on the taxiways are nicely lit and give a good feel to the taxiways. As you will see from the screenshots, these beacons on the side of the taxiway get a bit repetitive around the airfield. As far as terminal lighting goes, it’s very nicely done. The terminal is perfectly well lit, to a realistic level. So overall I would say that the night lighting at Havana is very good, with only some “touchups” that could be done to provide some variety to the lighting.

prepar3d_2017-02-04_12-33-06 prepar3d_2017-02-04_12-33-20 prepar3d_2017-02-04_12-33-57 prepar3d_2017-02-04_12-34-15 prepar3d_2017-02-04_12-35-09 prepar3d_2017-02-04_12-36-05 prepar3d_2017-02-04_12-37-24



As far as Performance goes at Havana I was extremely pleased. Due to the fact that the airfield is surrounded by autogen I was expecting the frames to be on the lower side however, that was certainly not the case. 40 frames at the very least in any of my aircraft on arrival or departure, internally or externally. VAS wise (Virtual Address Space, A.K.A memory) I was also very pleased. When spawned in the PMDG 737 my VAS was at a very nice 70%. By the time I departed to Miami my frames were around 40’s, 50’s and 73% VAS. In conclusion, the performance at Havana is extremely good, never to worry about OOM’s (Out of Memory).



  • Carefully detailed 3d objects
  • Full detail Buildings
  • Realistic Ground Markings
  • Photoreal scenery Background
  • Numerous static objects
  • Landclass of the near area
  • Realistic AFCAD
  • Realistic ground textures
  • Night ilumination
  • Animal animations
  • Fully detailed autogen of this area
  • Friendly Frame Rate
  • Compatibility with GSX, ORBX BASE , FTX GLOBAL VECTOR




Final Thoughts

Mex High Flight, fairly new to scenery development. Have brought us a very nice scenery, Havana. With extremely good performance and brilliant surrounding autogen. With loads of routes around the Carribean, North America and some fantastic long haul routes to Europe this is a great addon! After a long haul from Europe the last thing you want to worry about is OOM’s and lack of frames, by having Havana you will never have those worries. It does have to be said that the texturing and modelling is to be improved for Mex High Flight, plus a few minor touches on the night lighting definitely wouldn’t do them any harm. At the end of the day this is a perfectly good version of Havana Jose Marti International Airport, especially for the price. If you would like to purchase Mex High Flight’s Havana then head over to Simmarket.




System Specifications:

I7 6700K @4.6Ghz

EVGA 1080 8GB

Asus Motherboard