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New developers: MenorcaXP has come out today with the release of their first product: Menorca International Airport (LEMH) as well as Mahon aeroclub (LESL) for X-Plane 11. This scenery looks brilliantly detailed, supposedly optimised for high performance.

Menorca Airport (LEMH) serves as the major International airport for the island of Menorca located in the Balearic Islands, neighbouring Mallorca. The airport receives a whole variety of traffic from all around Europe with its busiest periods during the summer months.

MenorcaXP has designed and adapted this airport in conjunction with the SpainUHDMesh terrain mesh that may be downloaded for free and with possible voluntary donation to the creators: SpainUHD

Menorca for XP11 may be purchased from Simmarket for EUR24.00 (without VAT), with a download size of 404 MB. If you would like to check out a review of the scenery visit here.