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Review by: Daniel Faas


Santorini (Thira) International Airport, known by its ICAO identifier as LGSR is the primary airport serving the Greek island of Santorini. A relatively small airport, Santorini can only serve up to six airliners at any given time. The single runway measures 6,972 feet can accommodate aircraft up to the Boeing 757. However, as LGSR is one of the few islands within the Cyclades with a major airport the field still saw over 2.2 million passengers as of 2018.

Installation, Manuals, and Tools:

As with most X-Plane scenery add-ons the process is fairly manual with the Logo Project Santorini airport. You are presented with a folder including two versions of the airport and scenery, one for use with vanilla X-Plane 11 scenery and another for use with orthographic scenery. Simply drop the appropriate folder into the custom scenery folder within your X-plane directory and you are ready to fly.

Who Flies to Santorini?

According to the wikipedia entry for Santorini (Thira) there are 33 passenger airlines who service LGSR, mostly on a seasonal basis. What this means is that almost any European or Near East destination has an airline that flies to LGSR.

Aegean AirlinesAthens
Austrian AirlinesSeasonal: Vienna
AvioletSeasonal charter: Belgrade
Blu-ExpressSeasonal: Bergamo, Bologna, Rome-Fiumicino
British AirwaysSeasonal: London-City, London-Heathrow
Brussels AirlinesSeasonal: Brussels
CondorSeasonal: Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart
easyJetSeasonal: London-Gatwick, Manchester, Milan-Malpensa, Venice
easyJet SwitzerlandSeasonal: Geneva
Edekweiss AirSeasonal: Zürich
EllinairSeasonal: Athens, Heraklion, Thessaloniki
Enter AirSeasonal charter: Katowice
EurowingsSeasonal: Cologne/Bonn, Stuttgart, Vienna
FinnairSeasonal: Helsinki
Iberia ExpressSeasonal: Madrid
LaudaSeasonal: Vienna
LufthansaSeasonal: Frankfurt, Munich
NeosSeasonal: Milan-Malpensa, Verona
Norwegian Air ShuttleSeasonal: Copenhagen, London-Gatwick, Oslo–Gardermoen, Stockholm–Arlanda
NovairSeasonal charter: Oslo-Gardermoen
Olympic AirAthens, Seasonal: Thessaloniki
Scandinavian AirlinesSeasonal charter: Bergen, Gothenburg, Stavanger, Trondheim
Sky ExpressSeasonal: Athens
SmartWingsSeasonal: Prague
Thomas Cook AirlinesSeasonal: Birmingham, London-Gatwick, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne
TransaviaSeasonal: Amsterdam
Transavia FranceSeasonal: Nantes, Paris-Orly
TUI AirwaysSeasonal: Birmingham, Bristol, East Midlands, London-Gatwick, Manchester
TUI fly BelgiumSeasonal: Brussels
VoloteaAthens, Seasonal: Bari, Bordeaux, Genoa, Marseille, Nantes, Naples, Palermo, Toulouse, Venice, Verona
VuelingSeasonal: Barcelona, Florence, Rome-Fiumicino
Wings of LebanonSeasonal charter: Beirut

The Airport:

The team over at the Logo Project have done a faithful job rendering the Santorini airport. The scenery definitely feels like it is a Mediterranean holiday airport, right down to the lack of jetways (anyone who has traveled to the area knows!). The airport and surrounding area all have fair to good texturing and all combine to make a great appearance. However, the news is not all good.

The modeling is not up to top grade. As you can see in the screenshots below the trees are modeled in two intersecting 2-d sprites rather than actual 3-d trees. Also, the terminal building just doesn’t have that high level of detail we have all come to expect from top scenery developers. It’s a bit of a shame that the high level of work done on texturing wasn’t also extended to the modeling.

The city looks good but not great, but it definitely adds to the overall effect of immersion when flying to an airport outside of a sleepy island village. The clutter objects and other miscellaneous vehicles and pieces of equipment are all there and do a good job making the airport feel alive, and the inclusion of static aircraft is a great addition.

I mentioned the texturing earlier and I would say the team at the Logo Project did their due diligence in creating good textures. I would have liked to see some more “dirty” and “used” types of textures but they are top-notch nonetheless.

Santorini at Night:

The Logo Project have done a great job maintaining the high level of quality that X-Plane is known for in its night lighting. The night lighting is subtle and looks realistic in both the town and the surrounding areas. The covered military hangers are appropriately lit and all of the airport lights are bright enough but not overdone creating a nice immersive night-time effect.


Performance with this scenery was very good. My set up is definitely not optimized for X-plane, however I was able to maintain nearly 40 frames per second while taxiing, taking off, and flying. However, I believe the lower quality modeling contributed to those higher numbers than I would have otherwise had at a large, complex airport. Furthermore, these tests were done with the default B58 so your mileage may vary.


– Highly detailed airport terminal
– High quality realization of houses on the island
– Custom airport lights
– Excellent night light effects on the whole island
– Orthophoto scenery Z17
– 3D effect on the ground textures
– Custom modelled vegetation, grass
– Optimized for excellent performance

Final Thoughts:

One of my absolute favorite places in the world is Greece. As a result, I spend a lot of time flying in Aegean in flight simulators. If you are like me and love flying to small European holiday airports this is a great addition, or if you are a fan of the Greek Islands. If you aren’t into that part of the world you likely won’t miss this add-on.

On the whole, this scenery is a nice addition to X-plane and for those who fly in the area, it would be an easy buy. However, the lower quality modeling and lack of a “wow factor” mean it won’t draw anyone to fly here just because of the add-on.

To purchase Logo Project Santorini head to Simmarket, where for $25.48 USD it can be yours.

Review System Specifications

FX-6300 @ 3.8ghz


MSI Motherboard


Logo Project Santorini for X-Plane 11 Review
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