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Since the release of their New Orleans scenery just a few days ago, Ricardo (of LatinVFR) has taken to their forums to announce LatinVFR’s next moves. Before we go through those developments Ricardo also mentioned that their website (which New Orleans was exclusively released on) has done really well, now with 13 products available to purchase there.

Moving onto the roadmap. They have stated that, as promised, that Miami will receive a free updatein the coming weeks‘, which will be adding in PBR materials. Ricardo also said that they did not want to charge existing customers, but that the price for new customers will go up after the update is released.

Most importantly, LatinVFR has said they have been working on a secret project, which you all will know a week before release, this one should be out by the summer’. Finally, Ricardo stated that LatinVFR has been working on Fort Lauderdale (KFLL), which they hope to release sometime towards the end of this year. Moreover, Narita (RJAA) is also in the works, they hope to release this in Spring 2020.

If you would like to purchase LatinVFR’s New Orleans, Miami or any other scenery, head to their website where you’ll be able to see their full collection of sceneries.