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Welcome to the Conch Republic.


About a month or so ago, LatinVFR released a major update to one of their many offerings in the state of Florida.  More specifically, Key West International Airport.  You may know LatinVFR as the folks who made KSNA, KSAN, KMIA, and more recently KRSW, along with many more fantastic airports.  


Key West International Airport is a Class D airport located in the Florida Keys, located about 100 miles southwest of Miami and 100 miles north of Cuba.  The airport has a single short runway, 9/27, that measures 4,800 feet long and 100 feet wide.  Despite the short runway length, the airport still sees commercial service from jets as big as 737s, which fly in from Atlanta.  A few years ago, Southwest flew into Key West as well, but that service stopped shortly after they acquired AirTran.



Installation of KEYW v2 is fairly simple.  After purchase, you download the installer, enter in your name and company if applicable, then enter in your serial number, and continue following the steps to install.  The scenery will be automatically added to your scenery library.


Key West costs 20 Euros.  I think that this pricing is fair.  There is a good sized area covered here by LatinVFR, and the airport detail is very good.  A config tool is included that allows you to enable or disable animations, static aircraft, and buildings at the nearby Key West NAS.  It also lets you change the type of runway lighting you want.


The manual is brief, and lists off features, a few facts about the airport, a few tips, and an FAQ.  While the manual brief, this airport really isn’t as complex under the hood as many other airports available from other developers.

KEYW during the daytime

Key West Airport looks very good when the sun’s out.  The modeling isn’t top tier, but it still looks very good.  The textures on the buildings and the pavement all look very good as well.  There’s a few places to park your 737s and regional jets, and many more spots for smaller aircraft.  No jetways, obviously, as the real world airport doesn’t have them.  The ramp also looks alive with the animated people and bits of ramp clutter/vehicles.

ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.30.08)ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.30.29)ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.31.46) ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.32.25) ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.32.39) ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.40.03) ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.33.54)ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.29.44)Surroundings

LatinVFR included a pretty good sized area of photoscenery with KEYW.  Here’s an idea of what you get:


Also modeled are a few buildings around the airport.  The rest of the islands seem to just be covered by autogen.

ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.37.17) ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.37.54) ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.31.01) ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.34.17)ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.34.40)ss+(2015-09-24+at+09.34.50)It’s always nice to have a few buildings near the airport included.  LatinVFR did a good job doing the surrounding area.

Conch Republic at Night

The night lighting isn’t really much to write home about.  The lighting on the ground looks like it cuts off as soon as it reaches the border between the airport and the surroundings.


The buildings also seem to be too bright for how dark it is in the sim.

ss+(2015-09-24+at+10.08.29) ss+(2015-09-24+at+10.08.32) ss+(2015-09-24+at+10.09.43) ss+(2015-09-24+at+10.08.16)


The centuries old question of performance is one you’ll be happy to hear.  It’s very good!  I loaded into the NGX and was seeing framerates around 35 in the virtual cockpit.  VAS Usage is also very good.  I had around 1.6 GB left on departure despite the large are of photoscenery and amount of detail in the airport.



If you enjoy flying in the southern United States, this is an airport worth picking up.  It has connections to a few major airports in Florida and Atlanta, and you can definitely get planes in and out of here to go a bit further than that too.  It’s also a good airport for flying the small stuff, too, thanks to the large area covered and the other interesting airports in the area. You could even go to Cuba too, it’s less than 100 miles away!  The only major gripe I have is the night lighting, which I feel didn’t get much attention during the making of the airport. Otherwise, it’s a very well done airport.


Written by: Daniel Everman