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Latin Wings Introduction

This is Latin Wings first project and is from their homeland, a national airport that can be found on Venezuela. This airport is called Aeropuerto Nacional de Barinas. These people are starting small but with a lot to talk about the flight Sim community.


Barinas Airport

The airport elevation is 666 feet above mean sea level. It has two asphalt paved runways: 19/31 (2000×40 meters) and the 03/21 (1200×40 meters)

What flies to Barinas

Airlines Destinations
Avior Airlines Caracas
Conviasa CaracasGuasdualitoSan Fernando de Apure




The installation of Barinas is very simple and comes with a custom installer that they made. It just inserts your serial key and your flight simulator location, after that you’re ready.




This special edition of Barinas came only with a review document prepared for us that saved me a lot of time during the review. Here takes a look! The only con that it has is that if you don’t know Spanish, you got some bad luck trying to understand it. On the other side, it comes with charts and basic information about the airport.


Barinas Features

  • Volumetric 3D Grass
  • Static aircraft, Cessna C550 Citation II owned by the government.
  • High texture details
  • Simulated Smooth Shadows
  • Terrain resolution of 47cm/px
  • 3D miscellaneous.
  • More than 1000 objects hand placed.
  • Real Coordinates
  • Night Lighting
  • Realistic 3D Modelling and texturing
  • 3D Taxi lights

PC Specifications

CPU: i7 5820k @ 4,2GHZ

RAM: 16GB DDR4 2400mhz



*CFG Was deleted before doing the review*

The performance for me was smooth and good, high fps around 30 to 60 FPS and a VAS amount between 300MB’s and 750MB’s. And that with complex aircraft’s!

The Airport

Barinas is a small airport just with two runways and a couple of parking with a hanger and fire department. Latin Wings made a job while doing their initial airport, better than most of the developers do on the preliminary tries. However, they still room for a lot to improve on area like texturing and modeling, including night lighting. The airport has one Cessna Citation and looks nice, and an affable ground poly maybe the best thing they did on this product.


This is basically the coverage area of the airport from a top down view.


barinas2 Building1 Building2 buildings4 terminal5 terminal4 statics parking surrodings5 surrodings6 surrodings7 surrondings terminal surrondingvor2 terrain terrain2 terrain8 terrain7 terrain6 terrain3 terrain4 terrain5 terminal3 terminal2 terminal_back surrondings2 surrondings8 surrondings9 surrondings10 surrondings11 surrondingsvor surrondingterrain terminal7 Barinas building3 terminal6 surrodings4 statics2 surrodings3

Night Lighting

The night lighting on this airport is good but it could have been better.

night2 night

The Verdict

Barinas is a great airport for a two people studio making their spot on this competitive place. We may be a small community but with a lot of talent aboard! Latin Wings staff, my ratings are below and according to them; you may see what to improve and what continue doing well. If you’re a Venezuela frequent flyer or from there this is a must buy, or if you love small airports!

You can buy the airport at Simmarket for $12. 84USD. Buy here!

Modeling 6/10

Textures 6/10

Performance 9/10

Surroundings 6.5/10

Details 7.5/10

Night Lighting 7/10

Blending 8.5/10

Value for the money 8.5/10