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King Sceneries is a new studio who just released their new airport Stinson Municipal Airport, according to them the airport features:

Completely new designed scenery
High detail of all buildings
Numerous static objects
photorealistic ground textures and new elevation model (Mesh Terrain)
Photorealistic night textures

The scenery have an extraordinary price of $15.60 USD.


*Below is the writer opinion, if you got any issue with the following text please leave the article and I invite you to see our homepage for other news, or continue but with your own discretion*

Now what I’ll said will be rare that you found this on our articles, but I’ll be doing an exception with this one and is directed to King Sceneries developers and other people starting in this business.

Please if you want to make a payware scenery go ahead no problem, but at least make sure you met the minimum quality standards of today sceneries for the Flight Sim community and if you’re selling it make it cheaper than $15.60 USD! King Sceneries please reconsider your decision about selling this product make a update improving anything or make this freeware.