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JustSim have released yet another airport, and yet again in Austria.  This time we see the release of Klagenfurt Airport, also known as Kärnten Airport. Klagenfurt is the sixth largest city in Austria. You can purchase Klagenfurt over at simMarket for a very affordable price of EUR16.80.


  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
  • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • High resolution building textures.
  • More than 15,000 autogen buildings accurately placed by hand – the total number of autogen – more than 45,000 objects
  • Custom buildings cities
  • Static model aircraft on the apron
  • Fully AI traffic compatible.
  • Excellent night effects.
  • Optimized for excellent performance.
  • Inclusion of manual in PDF format.
  • Fully 3d taxiways lighting.
  • Automatic season change for vegatation, photobackground high resolution
  • Realistic reflections during rain (Prepar3D V3)
  • Realistic reflections on glass (Prepar3D V3)
  • 3D birds
  • fully compatible with FTX Global openLC Europe and FTX Global Vector