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JustSim Innsbruck Review
Detailed ModellingExtremely FPS FriendlyGood Surrounding Scenery
Unrealistic Night LightingTexturing could be improved
8.2Overall Score
Value for Money8.8
Reader Rating 2 Votes



Innsbruck Airport (IATA: INN, ICAO: LOWI), also known as Kranebitten Airport is the largest international airport in the Austrian state of Tyrol situated in western Austria. It is located 2.5 miles from the centre of Innsbruck. The airport was first opened in 1925. Innsbruck now handles regional flights around the Alps as well as seasonal international traffic to further European destinations. However due to the high number of skiers in the region, the airport is at its busiest during the Winter season. In 2015, handling an approximate 1 million passengers with 11,650 aircraft movements in total. There is currently a single Terminal at the airport built in a ‘shotgun’ style. As there are no jetways at Innsbruck, Airlines typically use air stairs to deboard/board passengers. Due to the length of the runway, parking stands and difficult approach. The Airport can handle aircraft up to the size of a Boeing 767.  Innsbruck serves as a base for Tyrolean Airways and accommodates the head offices for Air Alps.

Innsbruck airport is globally renowned for having a very difficult approach due to the close proximity terrain. This prohibits certain aircraft from operating here. As many Flightsimmers know the approach and descent is a very complicated process. Due to the Alps they can cause vicious winds and currents, one of the many things pilots have to take into consideration when flying here. By virtue of the surrounding mountains, the plane usually enters a pattern, to counterbalance altitude and decrease speed. LOWI has a single asphalt runway at 2,000m (6,562ft) in length.

Installation, Manuals and Tools:

The Installation process for JustSim Innsbruck was fairly simple, if you know a few simple things to start off with. The review copy provided, a .rar file consisted of a ‘bin’ folder, containing an exe and .dat file for uninstalling the product. Next, was a ‘data’ folder accommodating the Scenery and Texture folders for this addon scenery. Finally, there was a ‘Doc’ folder encompassing two PDF files. A manual which was a well very written document consisting of several sections. These sections include screenshots of the scenery, useful information about Innsbruck Airport and the development team at JustSim. The second of the two PDF’s was a copy of the Jeppesen Charts for Innsbruck Airport. JustSim Innsbruck also comes with a SODE installer. However, there was sadly no installation guide to help. I would assume, having bought JustSim products in the past myself that having purchased this scenery it would come with an .exe to install it. However in my case, I had to add the two files (Airport and Terrain) to my Scenery Library manually.

Who flies to Innsbruck?

Thanks to Wikipedia, we are able to provide you a full list of airlines that fly in and out of Innsbruck. For more specific information visit flightaware.com.

Airlines Destinations
Transavia Amsterdam, Eindhoven
Seasonal: Rotterdam
Thomson Airways Seasonal charter: Birmingham, Edinburgh, Dublin, London-Gatwick, London-Stansted, Manchester, Newcastle upon Tyne
Thomas Cook Airlines Seasonal: London-Gatwick, Manchester
SunExpress Seasonal charter: Antalya
Scandinavian Airlines Seasonal: Copenhagen, Stockholm-Arlanda
S7 Airlines Seasonal: Moscow-Domodedovo
Niki Palma de Mallorca
Seasonal: Copenhagen, Moscow-Domodedovo, Stockholm-Arlanda, Vienna
Seasonal charter: Antalya, Cephalonia, Hurghada, Lamezia Terme, Menorca, Preveza, Thessaloniki
Monarch Airlines Seasonal: Birmingham (begins 26 December 2016),London-Gatwick, Manchester
Israir Airlines Seasonal charter: Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion
Flybe Seasonal charter: Manchester
Finnair Seasonal: Helsinki
easyJet London-Gatwick
Seasonal: Bristol, London-Luton
British Airways London-Heathrow (begins 4 December 2016)
Seasonal: London-Gatwick
Austrian Airlines Frankfurt, Vienna
Seasonal: Copenhagen, Gothenburg-Landvetter, Cephalonia, Kiev-Boryspil, London-Gatwick (begins 7 January 2017), London-Stansted, Manchester, Oslo-Gardermoen, Preveza
Seasonal charter: Bristol, Edinburgh, Heraklion, Kos, Larnaca, Leeds/Bradford, Rhodes
Air Berlin Seasonal: Berlin-Tegel, Düsseldorf, Hamburg
Aeroflot Seasonal: Moscow-Sheremetyevo


The Airport

All in all, JustSim have done a fantastic job on Innsbruck. Us, flightsimmers know that Innsbruck Airport needed an upgrade to the old FSX Aerosoft scenery already out on the market. To start off with, the modelling. Straight away you notice with this scenery that JustSim has put that extra bit of effort into the modelling. Not only have they modelled the airport to an exceptional level but they have however put extra time into doing the surrounding area also. The peerless control tower and the custom modelled ground vehicles and static VFR aircraft really does make for a very immersive time at Innsbruck. In terms of the surrounding area, there is a very considerable amount of autogen. Autogen used by a lot of scenery developers primarily to improve performance. You certainly notice this with Innsbruck. I especially love it when scenery developers add something special to their product. In this case JustSim have added the custom modelled shopping centre, with various different types of well modelled 3D cars parked to the side as well as the rudimentary access roads, streets and junctions. In places there are things that could be improved like the hangars to the south side of the airport that could have been modelled to a higher amount of detail. As I have mentioned already a stand out for JustSim Innsbruck is the terminal, sadly no interior modelling on this front however they have modelled individual doors, windows and air conditioners, a much superior way of doing it instead of using blurry photo textures. Due to the overwhelming amount of traffic in the Winter time Innsbruck is equipped with stairs, catering trucks and tankers which in this scenery have been modelled to the highest detail in their authentic yellow colours.

Overall I would say that; considering JustSim has modelled the surrounding area and main Terminal of the airport to a high standard, that the modelling is pretty good. Secondly, texturing. This is a place where I believe Justsim can improve. For me, the quality of the texturing on the taxiways and runways could unequivocally be enhanced. The way that the touch down zones have been textured is not the best, by the fact that they look like the exact same on both sides of the runway and the way that they come across a bit blurry and washed out. And the markers, however displayed sharply and clearly have not been textured with cracks or edges. On the other hand, the guys at JustSim have done a brilliant job with the 3D grass giving a very harmonious and colourful feel, which especially in a rural place like Innsbruck certainly complements the scenery. I also have to point out that the Apron to the south side of the airport is very simple, lacking really any detail. These textures in contrast to other parts of the airport doubtlessly are very coarse and lacking in detail. One thing that was pointed out to me when first getting hold of this scenery is that there’s no centreline on the parking positions. According to JustSim this detail has been recently implemented in an update. In the event of rain at Innsbruck airport, the developers have added a very unique water effect. In emerging drop the flooring gets a light reflective property. There does seem to be a questionable mirrored tree reflection, nevertheless this provides variety and in bad weather gives this scenery a feeling of atmosphere.

Thirdly, detail. Innsbruck has been given very nice detail to itself, in various different areas. With this airport being the gateway to many Ski resorts in Winter and many other outdoor activities during the summer period, Innsbruck sees lots of different weather during all four seasons. JustSim accompanied for this by providing seasonal texturing changing the look of the scenery as each season passes by automatically. So the scenery gleams with a zealous green in Summer and a frozen icy coldness in Winter. To conclude, with the contrast of the buildings, vehicles and other objects, the ground textures are very simple. Which sadly makes the scenery look a little plump. Granting all this the scenery has a wonderful atmosphere to it and insane colour. The airport overall could have been given that extra bit of an individual touch with detail, despite that the modelling of this airport is very good and the texturing isn’t too bad either.


day-rear-shopping-mallday-3d-grassday-runway-texturesday-control-tower-with-signday-top-left-mountain-overviewday-runway-top-downday-zoomed-out-overview-downInnsbruck at Night

The night lighting, a very unique part of this scenery, presents itself with very bright runway and taxiway lights, mixed with the volumetric cones. This makes the lighting real stand out from a fair distance away from this airport. Overall the distribution of the lighting is very nice with a uniform. With the more remote areas of the airport being very well lit. Plus, with the implementation of the beautifully rendered, three-dimensional light cones on the corresponding soil textures, it makes for a very interesting time at Innsbruck during the night. I do have to say that a change between light and dark on the apron would certainly make the airport more realistic at the night-time. Another thing to point out would be the fact that the runway lights come across a bit dark at night therefore not standing out from the rest of the taxiway lighting. By now, you have most probably realized from the screenshots that the 3D grass textures have a very bizarre fluorescent effect. Thus, making the very extreme individual grass cuttings stand out from all of the surrounding scenery. All in all, I would say that despite the nice lighting effects and colors there’s still the underlying fact that the night lighting is very unrealistic and artificial.


When testing JustSim Innsbruck I was extremely pleased. Due to the fact that Innsbruck is a medium to small sized airport and that there’s a lot of surrounding photoreal scenery instead of a big city, my expectations for Innsbruck were fairly high. And I came out of testing this scenery, very satisfied. During my whole time at Innsbruck I never saw my frame rates drop below the 35 mark, averaging about 55, with the occasional drop whilst in the cockpit. VAS (Virtual Address Space) wise I was very happy as well. When spawning in my VAS was at a very pleasing figure of 58 which considering I was using the Aerosoft Airbus + FTX Global, EU LC, Vector as well as AS16, I was very happy. Now onto the flight in which I flew in the Aerosoft Airbus from Uk2000 Gatwick into Innsbruck (with Global, EU LC, Vector, AS16 all active and also being on Vatsim with a fair amount of traffic). I was very pleased to see my frames around the fourties when descending into Innsbruck and then thirties when on finals in the cockpit. And then when on stand, my frames were back around the 40’, with my VAS standing at a very admirable 75. Overall, the performance at Innsbruck is brilliant.


  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
  • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • High resolution building textures.
  • Fully AI traffic compatible
  • Excellent night effects.
  • Optimized for excellent performance.
  • Inclusion of manual in PDF format.
  • Many animated custom ground vehicles.
  • Fully 3d taxiways lighting.
  • Automatic season change for vegetation, photo background
  • Realistic reflections during rain (Prepar3D V3)
  • Realistic reflections on glass (Prepar3D V3)
  • Fully compatible with FTX Global OpenLC Europe and FTX Global Vector

night-mountain-sideeFinal Thoughts

Justsim Innsbruck brings a very detailed airport scenery including photoreal surrounding scenery. A great implementation of the scenery is the elaborately modelled buildings, with the unique rain effect and automatic seasonal change for the vegetation and the photo background. Unfortunately, you can tell in some areas that JustSim has a very fast production rate as the scenery is lacking in some areas as I have already mentioned. There was an issue on the day of release with the AFCAD and PAPIS however the next day the developers did provide a rapid installer to get it fixed. Overall, I would say that due to the fact JustSim does have a very fast production of sceneries that you will not get the most superior scenery on the market from them and you won’t get that extra bit of detail. However, ultimately with the very stable performance and uniqueness of Innsbruck and other sceneries made by JustSim for a price of approximately 20 euros you get a very solid scenery. Yes, it does have its’ inaccuracies here and there. But for any pilot looking for a very gripping approach into a very contemporary airport in the European Alps with photoreal scenery covering the entire Innsbruck Valley then JustSim Innsbruck is perfect for you.

System Specifications:

I7 4790k @4.0GHz

GTX 980

Asus Motherboard