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Scenery developer JustSim has just announced that an extensive update will soon be available for Nice Côte D’Azur Airport. This update will replace the original version which was released in 2018 for P3D.

The new update will include a range of improvements including ground polygons & 3D models using the Prepar3D V4 SDK along with PBR materials and also additional dynamic lighting. Further work has gone into the modelling of the car parks, additional optimisation and more.

They have stated that the installer was sent to Simmarket yesterday. We have been informed the update will most likely be free of charge.

New Features:

  • Runway and taxiways were expanded\changed.
  • Texture ground polygons were changed.
  • Ground polygons were compiled using SDK 4.4-PBR materials used.
  • More than 30 Parking lots were added\changed.
  • The marking of Parking lots has been changed.
  • Animated wind socks (SODE) have been added.
  • AFCAD file has been modified.
  • A custom profile file for GSX has been added.
  • Lighting on the runway \ taxiways has been changed.
  • Dynamic lighting has been added\changed.
  • 3D models now use PBR materials (SDK 4.4)
  • Additional optimization performed
  • Small fix.