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Just Flight has come out today with the announcement that Traffic Global will be made compatible with X-Plane. If you’re wondering what Traffic Global is; it’s an AI traffic integration system, which injects real world airlines and routes into the simulator to provide a more immersive experience when flying globally.

This product hasn’t just been ported over to X-Plane, they have reworked much of the base code to take advantage of a simulator such as X-Plane 11. Additionally, Just Flight is providing ‘professionally’ designed AI models, all of which will be fully animated. Just Flight has also made it so users won’t be restricted to viewing 20 aircraft at one time.

At the moment, Just Flight has said this addon will be available by the end of this year, but stay tuned for more news and previews in the coming months. To find out more, head to the Just Flight website.

Feature List

  • Professionally designed AI models
  • Fully animated models with lighting and effects
  • Not limited to 20 visible aircraft
  • Works with multiplayer
  • Aware of the player’s aircraft
  • Custom radar window
  • Customisable routes
  • Single, simple installer; no other downloads or manual configuration