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Jetstream Designs Palermo - Review
Great PerformanceIncredible detailsSurrounding area is well done
8.8Overall Score
Value for Money9.5
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Welcome to Palermo (paˈlɛrmo)

We welcome you to Palermo (paˈlɛrmo), a city in Insular Italy, the capital of both the autonomous region of Sicily and the Province of Palermo. Palermo is well known for it’s history, culture, architecture and gastronomy, playing an important role throughout it’s existence of over 2,700 years. Palermo is a focus city for airlines such as – Alitalia, Ryanair and Volotea.

“Sicily’s main city is draped in a mantle of unpredictability and adventure: its streets are chaotic, its buildings are magnificently dishevelled and its residents – many of whom have a penchant for rule bending and a healthy suspicion of outsiders – can be an inscrutable lot. To gain an initial understanding of the city’s unique culture, start by wandering the streets of the old city. The mix of architectural styles points to the wave upon wave of invaders who have claimed the city as their own, as does the look of the locals. Put simply, there’s no one style or people in this urban melting pot, and there never has been.”

Source: Lonely Planet


About a month ago, Jetstream Designs released their latest airport, Falcone-Borsellino airport on Sicily.  The airport is the second busiest on the Sicily island, behind Catania. While not the main airport on the island, it still receives quite a bit of traffic, most of which is seasonal from many destinations in Europe.  The airport has two runways, 7/25 and 2/20, both of which can handle commercial jets.  There are also a few high mountains to the south of the airport.


First Impressions

My first flight into Palermo was a short hop from Florence aboard a Vueling A320.  While the weather in Florence was less than spectacular with low visibility and rain, by the time I got to Palermo things cleared up and I had a beautiful view of the surrounding area (mostly water) as I came in on runway 20 with a heavy headwind.  One of the first things I noticed when I got on the ground was the framerate I was getting.  Sitting in the VC in Aerosoft’s Airbus, I was getting over 50 frames per second which is amazing.  I was also impressed with the visuals of the airport given the performance, which are extremely good.


One minor thing that I did notice is showed in the above screenshot.  When I exited runway 20, the runway edge lights were not embedded in the taxiway as they should have been. That’s just about the only bad thing I noticed on my first flight in.


I was also pleased to find that the jetways did move, which with me being a P3D user is a big plus.  Overall my first impression of the airport was extremely good, which obviously scores it points in that category.


Who Flies to Palermo?

Thanks to Wikipedia, here is a list of all the airlines that fly into Palermo, and where they fly to.

Airlines Destinations
Air Mediterranée Seasonal: Lyon, Marseille, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Toulouse
Alitalia Milan-Linate, Rome-Fiumicino
Seasonal: Moscow-Sheremetyevo
operated by Darwin Airline
operated by Mistral Air
Lampedusa, Pantelleria
Austrian Airlines Seasonal: Vienna
operated by Air Serbia
Seasonal charter: Belgrade
British Airways Seasonal: London-Heathrow (begins 3 May 2016)
Brussels Airlines Seasonal: Brussels
easyJet London-Gatwick, Milan-Malpensa
Seasonal: Amsterdam, Lyon, Paris-Orly
easyJet Switzerland Seasonal: Geneva
Enter Air Seasonal charter: Wrocław
Germanwings Seasonal: Berlin-Tegel, Cologne/Bonn
Iberia Seasonal: Madrid
Jetairfly Seasonal: Brussels
Lufthansa Regional
operated by Air Dolomiti
Lufthansa Regional
operated by Lufthansa CityLine
Seasonal: Frankfurt
Luxair Seasonal: Luxembourg
Medavia Seasonal: Malta
Meridiana Seasonal: Milan-Malpensa (begins 13 June 2016), New York-JFK
Norwegian Air Shuttle Seasonal: Stockholm-Arlanda
Ryanair Beauvais, Bergamo, Berlin-Schönefeld, Bologna, London-Stansted, Marseille, Memmingen,  Pisa, Rome-Fiumicino, Treviso, Turin, Verona, Weeze
Seasonal: Dublin, Madrid, Seville
Scandinavian Airlines Seasonal: Copenhagen, Oslo-Gardermoen, Stockholm-Arlanda
Swiss International Air Lines Seasonal: Zürich
Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium Charter: Brussels
Transavia Seasonal: Amsterdam (begins 23 April 2016), Munich (begins 30 May 2016)
Transavia France Seasonal: Paris-Orly
operated by TunisAir Express
Volotea Bari, Genoa, Naples, Turin, Venice-Marco Polo, Verona
Seasonal: Athens, Bordeaux, Heraklion (begins 28 June 2016),[12] Ibiza, Mykonos, Nantes, Nice (begins 27 May 2016),[12] Olbia, Palma de Mallorca, Santorini, Strasbourg, Tel Aviv-Ben Gurion, Toulouse
Vueling Barcelona, Florence, Paris-Orly, Rome-Fiumicino
Seasonal: Split
XL Airways France Seasonal: Lille


All of the buildings are modeled with very good detail, and the texturing on them parallels the modeling.  Many small details are added that I don’t commonly see in other packages, such as the flower pots by the terminal or the barriers by the road. JetStream designs more than fulfilled the requirements of adding incredible detail. I don’t really have much to comment on here, so enjoy some screenshots.

ss+(2016-01-14+at+11.10.18) ss+(2016-01-14+at+11.10.47) ss+(2016-01-14+at+11.11.40) ss+(2016-01-14+at+11.12.38) ss+(2016-01-14+at+11.15.16) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.30.37)

Those Vespas look pretty good, too.

ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.31.25) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.31.57)

These two screenshots do a good job of showing off the small detains of the airport.

ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.32.16) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.32.28) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.33.48) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.35.39) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.36.11) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.36.23) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.37.09) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.37.26) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.39.27) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.39.33) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.39.42)

The trench looks great too, although you have to set your mesh complexity to 1m for it to display properly.


All of the cars seem to be different models, at least near the airport. The car park also includes several other vehicles such as buses (tour buses) and charter vans etc. So, the screenshots do just scream detail at you. JetStream designs have done a fantastic job in not just taking care of the airport itself, but the surrounding area too. Adding every single bit of detail they can find. And that’s not an easy process.

Other Objects

All of the objects on the ramp look excellent as well.  There are a few vehicles that move around Palermo, off the top of my head there’s one or two belt loaders and a passenger bus, but I don’t have cars/vehicles turned on.  Tons of cars are displayed around the outside of the airport as well, which helps to bring the airport to life.  One small thing that I did notice is that some of the jetways don’t actually connect to the buildings and there’s a bit of a gap between them and the buildings.  Here’s an example, and more screenshots:


ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.33.32) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.37.32) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.37.50) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.40.02) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.41.02) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.41.18) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.41.48)

Night Lighting

This is probably where Palermo suffers the most, but it really isn’t all that bad.  The runway/taxiway lighting is great.  The issue I have is with the ramp texturing when the lights kick on.  It makes the lines/markings a bit blurred and harder to read.  Maybe blurred is the wrong term, but they blend in a bit too well with the light textures on the ground.  Apart from that, though, you’ll be quite happy with the night lighting of Palermo.

ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.42.50) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.43.01) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.43.15) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.43.38) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.43.52) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.44.05) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.44.20) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.44.34) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.46.17) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.46.24) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.46.33) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.46.45)


There’s a good amount of scenery around the airport, with a bit of photoscenery and many buildings around included.  They aren’t as detailed as the airport buildings, but they don’t need to be as detailed either.  The mountains around the airport look great too, as it looks like Jetstream did some work on them too. JetStream designs most defenitly did do a good job is adding at least a small section of the surroundings area.

ss+(2016-01-14+at+10.56.24) ss+(2016-01-14+at+10.58.52) ss+(2016-01-14+at+11.14.27) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.41.57) ss+(2016-01-17+at+09.42.03)

Pricing/Who’s it for?

I think Palermo is worth it for a lot of people.  It’s cheap compared to a lot of airports at 18 Euros, and it’s a good place for airliner flights to southern Europe and North Africa.  The amount of detail and great performance make the airport worth a pickup unless you really don’t fly in the area.  Otherwise, do consider picking Palermo up, as it’s quite worth it. They’re plenty of destinations to fly to, you won’t get bored. Palermo’s ideal location in the center of Europe (or nearly) allows for quick access to several destinations within Europe.

My Specs

  • i7-4790k 4.0GHz
  • EVGA GTX 980 4GB
  • 16GB RAM
  • P3D v3

Review by Daniel Everman