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JetStream Designs - Milan Linate Review
Unbelievable DetailFantastic ModellingBrilliant Scenery Configurator Tool
Not Many Real-World Routes
4.7Overall Score
Manual and Tools
Value For Money
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Milan Linate Airport (IATA: LIN, ICAO: LIML) is the secondary international airport of Milan, the second largest city in Italy, behind Milan Malpensa. In 2015, the airport served over 9.5 million passengers. LIML serves as a base for both Alitalia and Alitalia CityLiner. The airport consists of one three-storey terminal building, this terminal building features five aircraft stands, all of which are equipped with Jetways (animated in-sim). Linate has two asphalt runways: runway 18-36 is the primary runway for international traffic as the secondary runway is only 600m long (17-35).

Installation, Manuals and Tools:

As far as installation went, it was unbelievably simple. You just run the exe provided, enter your purchase details, and it installs direct to your sim with no problems whatsoever. Next, Manuals. Manual-wise, Jetstream Designs have done a fantastic job on manuals, clearly laid out, with an index for ease of finding what you may need. This manual also provides information about installation, the scenery configurator, charts, compatibility with certain third-party addons and an FAQ. Plus links leading directly to where you can get support if you run into any issues. All in all, the manual has been fantastically done. Then, Tools. Now this is an area where not many scenery developers have delved into yet, however this isn’t the case for JetStream Designs. They have a Scenery configurator. This scenery configurator (seen below), can be used for people who want to tweak the season at this scenery, people who need to maybe turn down some settings to increase performance or purely for someone who wants to be able to tweak their own scenery. Overall the scenery configurator is perfect and if I had done a review on one of Jetstream’s previous products, I would have said that something like a scenery configurator could really up their standards and here they have done so!

Who Flies to Linate?

Thanks to Wikipedia, we are able to provide you a full list of airlines that fly in and out of Milan Linate. For more specific information visit FlightAware.

Airlines Destinations
Aer Lingus Dublin
Air Berlin Berlin–Tegel, Düsseldorf
Air France Paris–Charles de Gaulle
Air Malta Malta
Alitalia Alghero, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Bari, Brindisi, Brussels, Cagliari, Catania, Düsseldorf, Lamezia Terme, London–Heathrow, Naples, Palermo, Paris–Charles de Gaulle, Paris–Orly, Reggio Calabria, Rome–Fiumicino
Seasonal: Athens, Corfu, Heraklion, Ibiza, Lampedusa, Menorca, Mykonos, Palma de Mallorca, Pantelleria, Rhodes, Santorini
operated by Alitalia CityLiner
Bari, Brindisi, Brussels, Cagliari, Catania, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Lamezia Terme, London–City, Naples, Paris–Orly, Pescara, Rome–Fiumicino
Seasonal: Comiso (resumes 3 June 2017),[5] Thessaloniki
operated by Darwin Airline
Blue Air Bucharest
operated by Blue Panorama Airlines
Reggio Calabria
British Airways London–Heathrow
British Airways
operated by BA CityFlyer
London-City (begins 24 April 2017), London-Stansted (begins 29 April 2017)
Brussels Airlines Brussels
easyJet Amsterdam, London–Gatwick, Paris–Charles de Gaulle, Paris–Orly
Iberia Madrid
KLM Amsterdam
Lufthansa Frankfurt
Meridiana Marseille, Munich, Naples, Olbia
Seasonal: Ibiza, Lampedusa, Mykonos, Rhodes, Santorini
Scandinavian Airlines Stockholm–Arlanda
Silver Air Seasonal: Elba

The Airport

Overall I would say that Jestream Designs have done a splendid job on their rendition of Milan Linate. This was a very much needed scenery for the flightsim market, and I am glad to say that this is a brilliant version. For the price that it is you are getting a lot, the fantastic modelling and texturing of the airfield, plus the surroundings and if you own Orbx Global, Vector and/or EU LC these are all compatible with Linate, and as you can see from the screenshots they blend unbelievably well. As well as this you also get the scenery configurator which is a great addition to the Jetstream Designs sceneries. To start off with, modelling. Linate has a bit of weird layout in terms of buildings and where they are situated, primarily due to the fact there is that such short runway off to the west side of the airport. However this has not startled Jetstream Designs at all, the modelling is top notch. Especially well done is the Armani Hangar, you can see the amount of time and effort that has been put in to making the hangar look fantastic, with the Armani logo and the difficulty of the building’s design, it has been modelled fantastically. As well as the Armani hangar, the main terminal buildings has been outstandingly, the detail is amazing, specially with the fact they have modelled the inside of that main terminal, which just adds to the list of things Jestream has modelled. When you load your aircraft up at this airport, you feel a sense of immersion, specially with the animated airport vehicles that roam around the apron. Other than the main terminal building they have also done a brilliant job in modelling the West apron and the hangar there, plus if you have GA aircraft turned on in the scenery configurator then you are able to see the 3D GA aircraft of on the West apron, that have been done to perfection. So all in all I would say that the modelling at Linate, has been done to perfection.

Secondly, texturing. A big part in scenery making, and has been as well as if not better than the modelling at this airport. The texturing resolution is impeccable. The apron ground texturing has been done so realistically, you can see the very smallest of scratches, it is so realistic. The apron texturing is similar to the runway texturing, done brilliantly and again you the resolution is impeccable, this time with the realistic touchdown marks around the touch down zone and threshold are brilliant, again bringing this immersion factor up a notch. Another place where Jetstream Designs has excelled is on the jetway texturing, so similar to the real life jetways, with the individual scratch marks and real signs provided on the jet bridge itself, it’s just another place where Jetstream Designs do their best!

Third and Finally, Detail. As I have already mentioned in various areas Jetstream Designs shine on detail. If you just pan around the terminal building area, you can just see how much detail and time has been put into making the buildings look just right. Additionally, features like the optional 3D grass, static GA aircraft and animated airport vehicles just make this airport so so immersive.

Linate at Night

Another place where Jetstream Designs are stars, night lighting. They obviously do their research, because if you compare the real life night lighting at Linate to the in-sim night lighting, they are close to exact. The apron is done to perfection with the dome lighting, that then fades away to singular taxi lights on the taxiways, then this merges beautifully with the runway lights. Likewise with the surrounding area, done very very well. As you can see in the screenshots taken, the terminal building is also done without a doubt spot on. The individual lights lighting up different parts of the various different commercial signs, are just spectacular. The Night lighting at Linate just makes this scenery even better.


As far as performance goes at Linate I was pleased. Due to the fact that the surroundings have been very well done, I was fairly pleased with the performance at Milan Linate. Whilst testing the scenery’s performance I was using the very performance-intensive FlightSimLabs A320-X. I was getting at least 25 frames in the flightdeck, arriving or departing. Outside the flightdeck I was very pleased, 40-50 frames on arrival and 50+ on departure. Frames vise I was happy with the performance at Linate.  Now, VAS (Virtual Address Space/ in other terms memory), this was a place where the airport didn’t excell as well as it’s other areas, however this understandable as I said during performance testing, a performance-intensive aircraft was being used plus all of the settings turned on in the scenery configurator, Orbx products including Vector, Global and EU LC. So taking all this into perspective, the memory was good, 79% when loading in. 85% on arrival from Uk2000’s Gatwick. In conclusion, the performance is good at Jetstream’s Milan Linate.


  • “Scenery configurator for seasons, levels of detail, etc.
  • Native P3D ground polygons with reflections, rain, etc.
  • Animated jetways
  • Volumetric grass
  • Detailed airport objects and vehicles
  • Animated airport vehicles
  • 3D runway and taxiway lights with halos
  • Ramp lights with halos
  • 4 seasons (snowy conditions included)
  • Realistic ground layout with HD textures
  • Extended custom autogen
  • Night environment
  • Custom taxiway signs with realistic night textures
  • GSX© compatible
  • Static GA aircraft
  • And much more!

The scenery is fully optimized with the latest techniques for better performance.”

Final Thoughts

Overall, JetStream Designs’ Milan Linate Airport is stunning, the level of detail, the quality of the modelling, texturing and the brilliance of the scenery configurator just make this airport one of the best, certainly the best scenery I have ever flown to, from the guys at Jestream. There’s only two things that I have to say to you if you thinking of buying this scenery, be careful with the scenery configurator, I would advise depending on your system, and what aircraft you are flying etc. to turn off maybe one or two settings, for the sake of performance. And secondly the only thing that lets this airport down is the amount of traffic (in real life) that comes in and out of the airport, it is fairly limited. However, other than that this is an outstanding scenery with an amazing level of detail, so I would definitely recommend this scenery! If you would like to purchase Milan Linate, then head to Simmarket.

System Specifications:

I7 6700K @4.6Ghz

EVGA 1080 8GB

Asus Motherboard