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We have X-Plane 11, Dovetail’s flight sim as well as Jet-Way. A new flight simulator aimed for the way of life. You will have the choice to eat on long haul flights, you will get sleeping as well as cabin shaking during take-off. The guys at Jet-Way should have a working “demo” or preview sample in the next 4 months or so.

More information here!

EDIT******: The project was canceled a few weeks ago, but was restarted on September the 22nd (2 days ago.) If we saw the project cancelled, we would not have posted the news. Cheers guys!  

About this project

                        Simulator Facts & what will be in it (So Far)-

  • Ability to step out of aircraft in first person perspective, Never seen before!
  • Everything in your aircraft will be functional, From COM’s to locking the cabin door (No more unusable switches).
  • Ability to start or join a airline
  • Free roam in cabin and in aircraft
  • Ground services and airport detail is PRIORITY
  • General cabin noises (Panel sounds-Co pilot speaking).
  • Co-pilot(AI) will be able to assist in any duties required,but skill level of co-pilot must match required duties assigned.
  • Interactive PASSENGERS (Ability to speak to them using multiple choice menu).
  • We are focusing on how passengers respond due to how you fly.
  • Track IR/VR compatibility
  • Co-pilot gains experience with you,but able to fire/hire another.
  • Ability to walk through airport(Certain areas for flight change etc.)

Have you ever wanted to be a part of a airline? Or to run a airline without having to download HOURS of content that is not guaranteed to work? Or, To taxi to a Jet-Way, Load passengers, Commence catering, Load luggage and get fuel? Without having to download a single piece of software? That’s what we are creating! We are striving to make this simulator something you have never seen before. A simulator that has an amazing ATC system with the ability to walk the cabin and plane. To immerse yourself! Rather than having to be stuck in a fixed position by using the “Mouse-look” feature to find some sort of realism.

Jet-Way This is not a game. It is a way of life. You will have to eat on long flights, You will get tired. Flight mechanics will be up to par and will include everything from crosswinds to shaking of the cabin when taking off. You will feel like you are in a actual plane and that is what we are shooting for! We are in the early stages of development,but are hoping to have something to show with in the next 3-4 months.


We will implement a MULTIPLAYER never seen before,but dreamed by many! We have a detailed layout for what we want to achieve and how we want to achieve it! Of course it is still very early to discuss this and we would like to keep it under wraps until the last stretch!

Our small team has been at this for 6 months and it consists of men and women that have generously donated they’re time and money to this dream. They range from actual pilot’s to game engineers. They are more than qualified to help make this happen. We are still in the process of growing our team to implement needed experience and opinions in certain areas,but for the most part we have a solid foundation. We are in the process of making a website for daily updates and will leave not one person in the dark about anything.

We want everyone’s opinion! We want to know what you think and feel should be in a great flight simulator.  We will have more on here very soon! I hope that you see what we are doing for all of you that want and need to fill in the gap between Flight sim and realism. This will be amazing when finished, So please consider helping us along the way and we promise to do the same!

We are working on a AWESOME promotional video!

Risks and challenges

I will be blunt about this. This will take time. Funds are obviously a issue to make this happen. I have been putting my own money into this,but with a new baby on the way things are getting tight and will not be able to do as much. We are still growing our team,but have the core mechanics to complete this. We are in the process of coding and implementing flight mechanics alongside creating our own airplanes that will implement not only realism,but beauty. We are all solely devoted to this cause and have nothing pending that would or could interfere with our goals in completing Jet-Way in a timely,but efficient manner.

We are not sponsored by anyone,but ourselves. We see no future obstacles in preventing Jet-Way from landing on a desktop near you. We are working to have a demo airport “Phoenix International” with a working A380, So you can taxi, load and takeoff to view the detail that we are going into with in the next 4 months.

We will have the single player done by September 2017 and Multiplayer not far behind it.

YES! Myself included and a few of my developers have been associated with actual flying alongside helping develop major flight simulation titles. We are experienced in the world of flying and can make this a dream come true with input from others!

Flight simulators for me personally are a way to exclude myself, Not only from my personal life,but from everything in general. Current title’s are no longer capable of handling what this vast community thirsts for, Without spending or downloading hundreds’ worth of add-on’s, So we took it upon ourselves to make it happen! Not for the revenue,but rather to see other’s like ourselves enjoy this title!