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The first payware product from ItalySim is here! Lamezia Terme, located in the southern Italian region of Calabria. Judging by the pictures, ItalySim have not done a bad job with the airport, especially for their first time. You can go ahead and purchase the airport from simMarket for EUR 12.29!

“The Lamezia Sant’Eufemia Airport, is located in the southern Italian region Calabria. it is one of the main ports in the southern Italian passenger traffic. In addition to sites for civilian traffic, there are the heliport of the air section Guardia di Finanza and the headquarters of the 2nd Army Aviation Regiment “Sirio”.
The airport of Lamezia Terme has a single track at two ends (10-28), 3017 m long and 45 m wide oriented at 096º / 276º. [1]. The full operation of the track, in the new configuration, occurred July 21, 2016 (AIRAC A6 / 16).
The track 28 is equipped with ILS / DME Cat. I and is used mainly for takeoffs (and landings in the case of high traffic or bad weather, being the only precision of the airport runway it), while the track 10 is used for landings (and take-offs when the wind does not allow for takeoff runway 28).
The air traffic control service is provided by ENAV which manages the approach control service (Radar from 09: 00LT at 18: 00LT and procedural from 18: 00LT at 09: 00LT, on 118.800 MHz – Lamezia Approach) and tower (on 125,900 MHz – Lamezia Tower) H24.
The reference weather office is Lamezia MET, while the Office A.R.O. reference is to Rome Fiumicino (LIRF)

Lamezia scenery for Prepar3D V3 has the following features:

  • Volumetric grass
  • Detailed airport objects
  • Detailed airport basement
  • Ramp lights with halos
  • Realistic ground layout with HD textures
  • Extended custom autogen
  • Night environment
  • Custom taxiway signs with realistic night textures
  • Custom taxiway lights
  • GSX© compatible
  • AIRAC A6/16 updated”