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Following Max’s popular release of a patch for Aerosoft Dublin’s scenery to work in Prepar3D v4, today he is back with another release, an Aerosoft Split P3D v4 patch. Like Dublin, this patch has been approved by Aerosoft although of course, they will not provide support, support can be found on the iniBuilds website.

Like Dublin, you need the latest version of the original scenery installed, if you haven’t purchased Split you can do so on Simmarket for EUR16.76

To download the patch, head to the iniBuilds website. This patch is free of charge.

With this patch comes compatibility to Prepar3D 4, reworked ground textures, dynamic lighting and a few more features. With the patch comes simple instructions on how install it, including a config .exe to finish off the installation process. As seen by the screenshots, it looks as if Max has done a fantastic job, we cannot wait to be able to fly out of Split in Prepar3D v4 from now onwards.

Currently, there are reports of two issues; ‘Original light textures incompatible with new ground poly’ as well as ‘Dynamic lighting not 100% accurate’, iniBuilds has stated that an update is currently in progress.


Original Features of Aerosoft Split

  • Airport Split (LDSP)  „Resnik seaport Croatia“ (LDSR) and the Military Base „Divujle“ (LDHD) with its Helipad-Airport
  • SD (Standard 1024x1024px) and HD-Textures (2048x2048px)
  • Photo realistic textures
  • Realistic rendering of the buildings and objects on the complete airport
  • PAD-Labs new „Advance Power Lighting“ (in short APL), natural lighting of the Apron without using night textures
  • All buildings with physically rendered night textures
  • Custom approach lighting for FSX and Prepar3D
  • Parking positions according up to date charts
  • Summer and winter (no snow)
  • Trees moving in the wind
  • People waiting on the dock (in summer)
  • Sim objects based on time of the year, making the scenery more real
  • Military base „Divujle“, with helipad
  • Three airports with their own ICAO code
  • Charts