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iFly have given us an update on there 747 v2 announcing an SP1 update headed for all users free of charge! Screenshots can be in the slider above. See what they said below:

 “Hi all !I guess you would like to have some news about the iFly 747v2

P1 ? Then you should appreciate these first previews.
Of couse, this preview topic does not have the purpose to give you a release date as we do not announce that in advance, we will keep our habits 😉

At the moment let’s concentrate on the pictures =)

The Development and Beta team listened to maximize possible improvements… And I do not risk much by saying that I have no doubt it will please your expectations.

I personally enjoy this beauty, I am sure it is the best 747 simulation I have ever seen yet on FS, and no doubt it will remain so with these enhancements.

Many efforts have been put into optimizations, visuals but also system improvements.
For those a little bit more adventurous, you can even check against a real FCOM, you will see for yourself that everything possible in FS is there.

On my side you might have seen a few of my repaints, they will all be updated with SP1 visual enhancements, and new ones will continue to be created of course.

Here are a few details of what has been done for our new Service Pack :

– Performance optimizations including a choice between 2D or 3D panel to save VAS and decrease OOM risks.

– Aircraft performances has been revised. You will now have the feeling of flying a 747 more than ever before.

– Autopilot is more stable during approach. LOC and G/S holds much better.

– No more false windshear warnings.

– Engine and APU settings have been improved.

– Mouse scroll is now available and left and right mouse click actions were revised.

– Revised bump maps

– Many new exterior texture enhancements

– Updated models

– New reflections on exterior model

– New reflecting exterior windows

– Wing flex improved, you will now see the beautiful curvature of a 744 wing

– And a lot more, the list is extensive.

Now I already hear you guys, will there be flood lights in the night cockpit?
Of course yes ! And you will love them =D

But as we prefer to save the suspense we will show them a bit later.
You now have an idea of what will come with the iFly 747v2 SP1.
As a lot of small and nice details have been added in addition to these great improvements I am sure you will love the Queen of the skies !

I will now let you appreciate the pictures. British Airways livery concern FSX previews, other liveries are FS9 previews. I don’t use P3D but of course the SP1 will also be released for P3D.
These screenshots have been taken on a low/mid-end computer compared to what is usually required for FSX.

Here is my config : Intel i3 4330 @3,5Ghz / Nvidia GTS 450 1Gb / Memory 8Gb
Antialising is set to 4xS.

If you have questions, we will answer you with pleasure when possible.
Happy 747 iFlying !”