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Welcome back to FSC folks, we’re glad to be back and to have you all back. To kick off our re-launch we’ve twinned up with Honeycomb Aeronautical to offer you a chance at getting your hands on one of their Yokes free of charge!

To enter the giveaway simply like our facebook page and subscribe to the FSC mailing list by hitting the “Join” link located in the top right header!

The highly anticipated “Bravo Throttle Quadrant” is not yet released and is expected around the end of 2019. We will have more info as it comes including up-close photos, videos and full reviews. We anticipate the release of the Yoke titled Alpha Flight Controls from Honeycomb in the near future. They are estimating the release to be sometime in early Summer 2019. You can currently Pre-Order both Yoke and Quadrant on Aerosoft’s website with pricing as follows: Alpha Flight Controls $208.97 USD (€184.87 EUR) and Bravo Throttle Quadrant $189.96 USD (€168.06 EUR). Whoever is lucky enough to win the giveaway will be fortunate enough to receive the yoke from Honeycomb as a pre-release!

Good luck in the giveaway! To whet your appetite, here are some more incredible previews of Honeycomb’s products below:


Stay tuned for more news and exclusives in the coming days! Don’t forget to Subscribe to our page by hitting the “Join” link located in the top right header.