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FSX vs P3D

Major differences between Lockheed Martin’s Prepar3D and Microsoft’s FSX

These are the facts, live with it:

  • P3D uses the same soure code as FSX, but all the rest is completely rewritten to benefit max use of modern technology. For example:
  • FSX uses default DX9 and only has DX10 preview which is very buggy, and is only recommended to use with Steve’s dX10 Fixer
  • P3D uses the current DX11
  • P3D is alot more Stable than FSX, no sudden stop responding
  • P3D has better Memory usage than FSX, although both are still 32 bit, OOM’s are still possible
  • I encountered many when using fsx, and none so far with P3D
  • P3D uses volumetric clouds & fog
  • P3D has better shadows & lighting effects
  • P3D has constant updates , unlike FSX
  • P3D is CPU & GPU dependant, so if you got a very power cpu & graphics card you will get more FPS in P3D than in fsx
  • FSX runs 80% on CPU
  • P3D supports nvidia SLI , FSX doesn’t
  • FSX requires alot of tweaking
  • P3D requires only 1 tweak

So if you got a powerfull recent system or new to flightsimming and you dont know which one to choose, go for Prepar3D.

Thanks to Nabarun De Vreeze for providing this little FSX vs P3D battle for us!