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Leftheris (Root Admin) over on the FSLabs Forums has announced the release of an FS Labs Update coming in response to the release of the Prepar3D v4.5 hotfix 1. In this update (version comes compatibility with this latest version of Prepar3D as well as some improvements and fixes. Most notably, this update brings compatibility with the Pushover application, EGPWS predictive logic, GSX messages now suppressed for cabin/cargo notifications, corrections for flaps timings and many others. The full list can be seen below.

To install this update, head over to the FlightSimLabs Download page, where existing customers may download it for free.

If you haven’t already purchased a copy of FlightsimLabs’ A320-X or A319-X, you can buy them over on the FlightSimLabs Website.


Airline packs
    Various fixes

    Fix for takeoff perf runways
    Added ATC Online list to COMM page
    Several small fixes
    Fix for PFPX zero fuel weight info
    Slot notification callsign logic fix
    Limit OFP Fuel to 18700
    OFP Block fuel rounding up logic fix
    ALTN missing logic fix
    Printing logic fixes
    Crew config logic fix
    IVAO ATIS logic fix
    No STD results in slot change fix
    STD logic fixes
    Pushover app ‘printing’ now enabled

    Arming logic tied to FWC phase now

    Predictive mode logic added (TAD/RFCF/TCF)

    AP disconnect protections added
    C star logic improvements
    AP disconnects on pause fixed

Engines / FADEC
    CLB limit logic fix
External Model
    CFM Engines decal fix
    CFM flap marking overlay animation fix
    Various small geometry fixes
    Flap actuation logic fixes

FSL Configurator
    Fixes for missing cfg files and building cfg files

    Key mapping fix
    Flood panel light knob state save/load enabled
    Beacon light size adjusted
    INIT A GND TEMP now not shown in flight

    Airframe weights page added to MCDU OPTIONS
    Passenger configuration parser logic added to protect
    against imbalance
    Weights units logic fix

    Now supports virtual printing to Pushover app

Virtual Cockpit
    glareshield text overlay clipping fix