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This is add-on is developed by a brand new company. The dev team sent us a preview of the UI, and a little information of the product. Take a read:

“At first glance, the app has a very beautiful UI but at the same time is very powerful in the backend. The objective of this application is to connect with the sim and then update the time with the real one, it will detect your time zone and update it according the place you’re flying. No more randoms night’s at Dubai when you departure from Madrid and you see the sunrise twice. This app will make sure you got the right time. But there is another feature, that one is that you have the option to save your flights every 60 seconds, if a crash occur or when you need to leave you may load your flight again and all will be like you leave. It will be compatible with P3D, XP10 and FSX.  Its price is of $4,29 USD.

You may find this add-on and more here Vector Design.”