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 Article by: Tom Bews – Editor in Chief and Head Admin


 Email: tom@flightsimcentral.net

After previewing the scenery for many months and a fellow developer (namely Drzewiecki Design) releasing their version of Chicago, FSDreamTeam has finally come around to release their version 2 of Chicago O’Hare (KORD). The airport is designed with PBR, SODE jetways, dynamic lighting and many other features that can be seen below.

To purchase FSDT’s Chicago v2 head to Simmarket where you can purchase the airport for 32 EUR. Please note that if you own the previous version of Chicago you can buy it for an upgrade price of 25 EUR. All the prices quoted do not include VAT.

Chicago O’Hare is an international airport located on the Northwest side of the city of Chicago, Illinois. The airport hosts airlines from all around the world, it also operates as a base for American Airlines and United Airlines. O’Hare also operates as a significant cargo hub for airlines such as UPS, Cargolux, Fedex, Lufthansa Cargo and many others.


  • The updated airport layout from 2019.
  • A true fully native scenery, designed from the ground up for Prepar3D 4.
  • Fully designed for PBR, with advanced materials and shaders.
  • Complete Dynamic Lighting, optimized for speed.
  • Completely made using the P3D4 SDK.
  • Highly detailed SODE Jetways.
  • Working information panels on gates.
  • Highly detailed Terminal C interior in Avatar mode.
  • Animated passengers inside the terminal, visible from the cockpit.
  • Many animated custom ground vehicles.
  • Fully 3d taxiways lighting.
  • Intensive use of LOD techniques in order to offer the best possible performances.
  • High resolution building textures.