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Today we have some fantastic exclusive news and previews from the guys over at RealTurb. As seen by the video, following the highly anticipated release of Orbx’s Olbia, RealTurb has done their immersive turbulence effects for Olbia!

Because of these additions, a free update will be coming very soon from them. Containing not only one airport addition in their ‘Summer Destinations’ package but also a couple others Calvi & Tivat. LYTV, which is of course famous for having a difficult approach surrounded by terrain, which will be great to have in the sim. And LFKC also famous for its difficult approach.

Another announcement to come today is their next big project, although we can’t reveal what this project is, here’s a hint below from RealTurb themselves, see if you can guess where it is!

Don’t forget to enter into their April competition, and if you haven’t already bought one of their products you can do so over on Simmarket.

As always a big thank you to RealTurb for providing us with this exclusive.